Feed Status
BAPERN Area Wide 30 Listeners
BAPERN Area Wide 40 Listeners
BAPERN Central District0 Listeners
Boston Area Special Event / Working Incident
This is a feed that will be brought up during special events like the Boston Marathon, Head of the Charles, etc. It may also be brought up during non planned incidents and severe weather events.
Boston EMS
Monitoring Boston EMS Citywide Dispatch and EMS Tactical 3 which is the primary incident operations channel. Dispatch comes in clear but some field units can be quiet or muffled.
0 Listeners
Boston Fire
Boston Fire Channels 1,2,3,4,5
38 Listeners
Boston Metro Area Police and Fire - West
Mass State Police, Boston Police Fire & EMS. Cities & towns West of Boston. .
7 Listeners
Boston Police
All Boston Police District channels plus Citywide and Interagency Operations. BPD Special Ops may be locked out during incidents.
34 Listeners
Boston Police Channel 10 Listeners
Boston Police Channel 2 2 Listeners
Boston Police Channel 31 Listeners
Boston Police Channel 40 Listeners
Boston Police Channel 51 Listeners
Boston Police Channel 61 Listeners
Chelsea Fire Dispatch
Channel 1 and 2 for Chelsea Ma. Fire Department. The feed scans between main dispatch and a repeaterized fireground channel. Chelsea is directly north of Boston. Chelsea Fire Department is a member of Metro Fire District 13.
2 Listeners
MA State Police - Metro Boston Area
Scanning Dispatch Talkgroups for Troops A and H, and Statewide. Geographically covering from the 495 belt area, into the heart of Boston. No local PD or Fire. May hold on a channel for an event.
27 Listeners
MA State Police Troop H2 Listeners
Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority Rail Operations
MBTA Rail Ops EDACS ProVoice. My scanner gets a strong signal for both the control and voice channels but I can't control how the individual operators have their radios set up.
0 Listeners
Revere Fire3 Listeners
Revere Police2 Listeners
TAC9 Public Safety Notification System
The TAC9 Radio System is a public safety notification network operating in the New England and New York area, with nationwide expansion in future plans. The system is a closed Zello channel.
4 Listeners
Winthrop Fire1 Listeners
Winthrop Police3 Listeners