Boston Area Special Event / Working Incident
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This is a feed that will be brought up during special events like the Boston Marathon, Head of the Charles, etc. It may also be brought up during non planned incidents and severe weather events.


For the Boston Marathon you will hear a mix of Start, Course and Finish radio traffic, especially on the MSP Events TGs. Boston Citywide is set as a priority channel and is patched to Federal Interop. I locked out BAPERN AW4 due to interference issues but it historically has been patched to Boston Citywide so nothing should be missed. 

***For some scheduled events the feed will often be brought up the night before as many events start early in the morning***

Tactical Feed for special events / work incidents in the Boston Area

This feed gathers public safety InterOp channels in an attempt to provide a single place to listen to event communications. It is quite specific to Boston in terms of conventional channels but includes all State Police Events talkgroups.

Depending on the event some channels/talkgroups may be turned off in an attempt to reduce non event related traffic.

The below channels are pre-programmed Events channels. I may also activate this feed for working incidents not included on the channels/talkgroups below if that incident is not on another Broadcastify feed.

Boston Police
Should be noted you'll sometimes hear the All Channels broadcasts that are not event related

  • Citywide Events - 460.35000 
  • Interagency Operations - 460.27500 
  • Federal Interop - 158.91000
  • Special Operations - 460.05000 
  • Telecommunications Unit - 460.02500 (Based off information from the Boston Marathon 2021 this is also being used for patches)
  • Citywide Patches - 460.42500

Boston EMS
EMS Tactical 3 appears to be the "primary" for events but the other Tactical channels could be used in theory

  • EMS Tactical 3 - 462.95000 
  • EMS Tactical 5 - 460.55000 
  • EMS Tactical 6 - 453.77500 
  • EMS Tactical 7 - 460.52500 


  • Area Wide 4 - 470.56250 (Often patched into Boston Police Citywide). This may be locked out if patched with other channels due to interference issues.

Metro Boston Homeland Security Region

  • Multi Band InterOp - 470.01250 (Heard radio checks on this channel previous to the Boston Marathon)
  • Regional EMS Tac 1 - 470.20000 
  • Regional EMS Tac 2 - 473.20000 
  • Boston Ambulance Mutual Aid - 453.10000 (Might be locked out as this is mutual aid not InterOp)

Massachusetts State Police

  • Greater Boston Local Public Safety (Special Events)
  • Greater Boston Local Public Safety (Special Events, Tie to SP)
  • Events 1-8

City of Cambridge
This will only be enabled if there is a large scale event that also involves Cambridge assets such as the Head of the Charles.

  • Cambridge City Events
  • Cambridge ECC Emergency
  • Cambridge Fire - Citywide
  • Cambridge Inter-agency PD - FD
  • Cambridge PD Citywide
  • Cambridge Public Safety Command
  • Cambridge Public Safety Patch
  • Cambridge Special Ops - 1
  • Cambridge Special Ops - 2
  • Cambridge Special Ops - 3
  • Cambridge Special Ops - 4

UASI (Urban Area Security Initiative) - aka MBHSR
Never actually heard these used but they're listed as InterOp talkgroups so I'm including them

  • UASI TAC-1
  • UASI TAC-2
  • UASI TAC-3
  • UASI TAC-4

These are a subset of the non Federal NIFOG TAC channels that the can be patched together. Won't always be turned on

  • VCALL10 - Calling
  • VTAC11/36 - Tactical/Repeater
  • VTAC12/37 - Tactical/Repeater
  • VTAC13/38 - Tactical/Repeater
  • VTAC14/33 - Tactical/Repeater
  • VTAC17 - Tactical
  • VTAC34 - Tactical/Repeater
  • VTAC35 - Tactical/Repeater
  • UCALL40 - Calling
  • UTAC41 - Tactical
  • UTAC42 - Tactical
  • UTAC43 - Tactical
  • 8CALL90 - Calling
  • 8TAC91 - Tactical
  • 8TAC92 - Tactical
  • 8TAC93 - Tactical
  • 8TAC94 - Tactical

This feed may also be activated during severe weather events for SKYWARN purposes. Fire and Public Works for the following towns will be broadcast along with MEMA Region 1. This also includes North Shore Emergency Management, Revere Emergency Management and Winthrop Harbormaster. Boston can be added if the primary Broadcastify feed goes down. 

Feed may hold on certain channels for short periods of time to verify potential damage from weather. 

  • Somerville
  • Medford
  • Cambridge
  • Melrose
  • Malden
  • Everett
  • Winchester
  • Wakefield
  • Chelsea
  • Revere
  • Winthrop
  • Saugus
  • Stoneham
  • Lynn Regional Fire covering Lynn, Swampscott and Nahant
  • Metro Fire Mutual Aid

Boston can be heard at