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Berea Fire Dispatch2 Listeners
Bluegrass Army Depot EMS Dispatch0 Listeners
Bluegrass Army Depot Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Kentucky Severe Weather Intercept Team (Team K.S.W.I.T)
This feed will have long periods of no audio due to the channel only being active during severe weather events.
1 Listeners
Kentucky State Police Posts 7 and 12, Regions 3 and 5
Post 7 Clark, Richmond, and Fayette towers B frequency only Post 12 Fayette and Franklin towers, B Frequency This is a simulcast system and receives all traffic for Post 7 & 12.
Madison County EMS and Emergency Management
Feed is permanently offline due to provider using resources for a Broadcastify Call Node. Node for the Madison County system can be found here
Madison County EMS Dispatch1 Listeners
Madison County Fire
This feed includes: Madison County Fire/Rescue Dispatch Ops 1 Ops 2 Ops 3 Ops 4 Ops 5 Ops 6 Ops 7 Ops 8 Countywide (currently not used) Individual department's private channels are not broadcast for privacy reasons.
4 Listeners
Madison County Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Richmond Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Richmond Fire Rescue3 Listeners