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Berea Fire Dispatch2 Listeners
Bluegrass Army Depot EMS Dispatch0 Listeners
Bluegrass Army Depot Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Kentucky State Police Posts 7 and 12, Regions 3 and 5
Post 7 Clark, Richmond, and Fayette towers B frequency only Post 12 Fayette and Franklin towers, B Frequency This is a simulcast system and receives all traffic for Post 7 & 12.
1 Listeners
Madison County EMS and Emergency Management
Feed is permanently offline due to provider using resources for a Broadcastify Call Node. Node for the Madison County system can be found here
Madison County EMS Dispatch2 Listeners
Madison County Fire
This feed includes: Madison County Fire/Rescue Dispatch Ops 1 Ops 2 Ops 3 Ops 4 Ops 5 Ops 6 Ops 7 Ops 8 Countywide (currently not used) Individual department's private channels are not broadcast for privacy reasons.
2 Listeners
Madison County Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Richmond Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Richmond Fire Rescue1 Listeners
Woodford County Sheriff and Versailles Police0 Listeners