Feed Status
14.3000 MHz Amateur HF
When Activated...I will stream the Hurricane Watch Net
2 Listeners
Anoka County Police and Fire
Anoka County Police and Fire Dispatch
27 Listeners
Anoka County Public Safety
Anoka County Sheriff, Police and Fire Departments.
12 Listeners
Carver County Public Safety
Broadcasting Carver County Fire, Sheriff and Police.
Dakota County Fire Dispatch3 Listeners
East Twin Cities Area Rail4 Listeners
Edina and Richfield Fire / EMS Dispatch3 Listeners
Hennepin County EMS
Hennepin EMS Ambulance
2 Listeners
Hennepin County Fire Dispatch5 Listeners
Hennepin, Dakota, Anoka, Carver, Scott and Ramsey Counties Fire TacsOffline
Minneapolis / Saint Paul Area NOAA Weather Radio KEC65
NOAA Weather Radio Station KEC65 162.55 Mhz
1 Listeners
Minneapolis / St. Paul Police Dispatch
Dispatch audio for Minneapolis Police and St. Paul Police. Also available via telephone - see feed notes.
29 Listeners
Minneapolis Fire
Monitoring Main, Tac 3 and Tac 4
7 Listeners
Minneapolis-St Paul Airport - Approach, Departure, Tower, and Center0 Listeners
Minnesota State Patrol - Twin Cities Metro Dispatch
Dispatch audio for MN State Patrol East Metro, West Metro, and Flight Divisions. Also available via telephone - see feed notes.
5 Listeners
Ramsey County Fire and EMS Dispatch - North2 Listeners
Ramsey, Washington, Anoka and Dakota County Public Safety
Newly optimized system utilizing HackRF One SDR to efficiently cover Saint Paul and surrounding suburbs Law Enforcement and Minnesota State Patrol on Statewide Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (ARMER) system Washington County Simulcas
12 Listeners
Saint Paul Fire
South Alert (SPFD Dispatch) and Fire Ops 5-8
14 Listeners
Saint Paul Police4 Listeners
Saint Paul Police, Fire, and Public Works Dispatch210 Listeners
Scott and Carver Counties Fire 0 Listeners
Scott County Emergency Services
Fire and Fire Ground channels in Scott County Minnesota
7 Listeners
W0BU 147.2100 MHz Skywarn Repeater - South Metro Area
This feed monitors the 147.210mhz repeater in the southern Twin Cities. It is the primary repeater for severe weather spotting in the south metro.
1 Listeners
W0YFZ 146.6700 MHz ACRC Repeater
Listen to the 146.670 Amateur Radio repeater operated by the Anoka County Radio Club and Emergency Services, inc transmitting from Blaine, MN and covering Anoka County. Club nets occur each Wednesday night at 7:00PM local.
0 Listeners
Washington County Fire and EMS Dispatch6 Listeners
Washington County Public Safety
There is also a State and county 911 & fire feed included. Added March 17th St. Croix County, Hudson & North Hudson, WI
4 Listeners
Washington County, Maplewood and North Saint Paul Public Safety
Scanner is a Uniden 396T Ver 3.0 Scanning 1005 System - Washington County, East Ramsey County & Minnesota State Patrol on the following talk groups. Washington Co LE North (3618) Washington Co LE South (3620)
17 Listeners
WC0HC 146.7 MHz - Minneapolis0 Listeners
WD0HWT 146.8500 MHz MARA Repeater
Metro wide area amateur radio repeater
0 Listeners
West Twin Cities Area Rail1 Listeners
West/Northwest Wisconsin Fire Departments0 Listeners