Feed Status
Bridgecreek Fire0 Listeners
Cleveland County Sheriff and Area Fire0 Listeners
East Central OK Railroads
Monitoring East Central Oklahoma Railroad radio traffic from the Wellston Okla. area. Including BNSF, Union Pacific as well as SLWC. Sometimes KCC in far east OK. The feed is a Kenwood TKR-730, a 6 db antenna at 60 feet, fed with LMR-400.
2 Listeners
Edmond Police and Fire
(( Stereo Feed )) Edmond PD - Left Channel / Edmond Fire, UCO PD, Oak Cliff and Deer Creek VFD's, and other agencies as applicable - Right Channel
11 Listeners
K5EOK EARS Repeaters
EARS - Edmond Amateur Radio Society Repeaters. - VHF 2m (147.1350 MHz +) LEFT Channel, and - UHF 70cm (443.4250 MHz +) RIGHT Channel. A public service of EARS/K5EOK operating from Edmond, OK serving Oklahoma County and central Oklahoma.
1 Listeners
Little Axe / Norman Fire2 Listeners
Moore Police, Fire and EMS11 Listeners
Norman and OU Public Safety35 Listeners
North Central Oklahoma Fire and Rescue
Payne County: Stillwater Fire; Cushing Fire; Perkins Fire; OK Fire 1; Payne County fire East and West; Tri-County Fire; Lifenet EMS. Stillwater EM 1. Lincoln County: Lincoln Fire, & Carney Tac, Chandler Fire. Logan County Fire. Oklahoma Count
6 Listeners
OKC NOAA Wx Radio 162.400
Almost-live stream of WXK85, the NOAA Weather Radio station serving Oklahoma on frequency 162.400 MHz. Programming comes from the Norman Forecast Office ( Audio is delayed by a few minutes; do not use during emergencies.
0 Listeners
Oklahoma City Area NOAA Weather Radio WXK850 Listeners
Oklahoma City Area Police and Fire
Oklahoma City Trunked System - Fire & Select Police
59 Listeners
Oklahoma City Fire
Fire Alert, Fire Ops, TAC 1 thru TAC 9, Media Channel, and Will Rogers World Airport ARFF. Fire Alert is the Primary. This feed has been updated to the new P25 Radio System.
14 Listeners
Oklahoma City Fire
Running on Uniden BCD436HP. OKC Fire Feed with OKC Police
2 Listeners
Piedmont Police and Fire Dispatch
Piedmont, OK - PD and FD dispatch. PD is full time and FD is combination Full Time and Volunteer. For a link to various youtube videos of PD and FD -
2 Listeners
Richland Rural Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Tuttle, Blanchard, Newcastle and Amber Fire Departments
Tuttle, Blanchard, Newcastle, Bridge Creek and Amber Fire Departments. Tuttle FD includes Fire Alert, Fire 1, and Commands 1 - 5.
3 Listeners
W5DEL 146.7000 MHz Repeater and Allstar Link / Echolink Nodes
W5DEL 146.7000 repeater in Del City. This repeater is both Allstar Link Node 46810 and Echolink Node 164667. It covers the Oklahoma City metro area.
0 Listeners
W5DEL 443.3000 MHz Repeater and Allstar Node 289410 Listeners
W5MWC 444.000 MHz Repeater
This repeater is located in Midwest City, OK. It is on 444.000MHz, + offset, 151.4 tone. It is the primary repeater for the Mid-Del Amateur Radio Club (W5MWC). Listen into the Saturday Night Net every Saturday at 8pm CT For more information about
0 Listeners
W5NOR 147.0600 MHz and N5MS 146.8800 MHz Repeaters0 Listeners
WD5AII 147.030 MHz Repeater
This repeater is located in NE Oklahoma City, OK on the 1530 foot tower of KFOR. 147.030 MHz, + offset, 167.9 tone. This repeater covers the greater Oklahoma City metro. Brought to you by the Mid-Del ARC (W5MWC) in cooperation with Edmond ARC (WD5AII).
0 Listeners
WX5OKC 145.4100 MHz Repeater
Linked to the KB5LLI (147.045MHz) system in south-west and south-central Oklahoma.
0 Listeners