Feed Status
Beavercreek Fire Tac 30 Listeners
Central and Eastern Greene County Public Safety
Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS including Xenia PD and FD, Greene County Sheriff, and rural communities including Yellow Springs, Cedarville, Jamestown, and Spring Valley
49 Listeners
Clark County Fire & EMS11 Listeners
Clark County Law Enforcement261 Listeners
Columbus Area NOAA Weather Radio KIG86
NOAA weather radio from Callsign KIG86 on 162.5500 MHz.
0 Listeners
CSX Bee Line and Toledo Sub
CSX Indianapolis Line Subdivision and CSX Toledo Subdivision broadcasting from northwest Miami County, OH
0 Listeners
CSX Toledo Sub and Indianapolis Line0 Listeners
Darke County Fire and EMS Dispatch
Now covering Darke County Fire & EMS 800 Mhz and CareFlight
1 Listeners
Darke County Fire, Rescue and Police
Working on the updated MARCS database. Running new HomePatrol II scanner, so still working out the bugs. Rebuilding Server Room and may have some more intermittent down time over the holidays...12/19/2022
3 Listeners
Darke County Public Safety
Darke County Sheriff, Fire and EMS, Greenville Police, OSP, Medflight, and CareFlight.
53 Listeners
Darke, Mercer, Randolph, Shelby and Jay Counties Fire and EMS
Darke, Mercer, Auglaize, & Shelby Counties in Ohio & Randolph and Jay Counties in Indiana Fire & EMS. Monitoring Mercer Co & Randolph Counties FD & EMS 800 System. CareFlight and MedFlight on OH MARCS when in the area.
2 Listeners
Dayton Area NOAA Weather Radio WXJ461 Listeners
Greenville Fire0 Listeners
Mercer, Auglaize, and Darke Counties Fire/EMS
We are now broadcasting via rdio-scanner Public Safety information to the citizens in the Mercer, Auglaize, Darke and Shelby county area by utilizing social media, data products and radio transmissions.
7 Listeners
Miami County Fire and EMS - West Central6 Listeners
Miami County Fire Dispatch2 Listeners
Miami County Police, Fire and EMS - Central
The first Miami County Ohio Scanner Audio feed, serving all of Miami County broadcasting all of Miami County 911 Dispatch.
18 Listeners
Ohio State Highway Patrol District 5
In west-central Ohio: Post 6 (Wapakoneta), Post 12 (Springfield), Post 29 (Xenia), Post 55 (Piqua), Post 57 (Dayton) and Post 80 (Marysville).
6 Listeners
Preble County Sheriff and Fire, Eaton Police
Dispatch feed for emergency services in the county. Newly Updated hardware.
20 Listeners
West Central Ohio Counties Fire and EMS
This feed provides fire and EMS feed for areas bordering Shelby County. Now offering Careflight and Sidney FD on left and VHF operations on the right channel.
1 Listeners
Western Greene County Public Safety
Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS including Fairborn, Beavercreek, and Bellbrook-Sugarcreek
23 Listeners