Preble County Sheriff and Fire, Eaton Police
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Dispatch feed for emergency services in the county. Newly Updated hardware.

I will mainly be hosting the Following TG's from the Ohio MARCS system.  

54854 d646 D SO68DISP Sheriff Dispatch 
41003 a02b D 68FDPAGE Fire Paging 
41009 a031 D 68FDTAC1 Fire Tactical 
41017 a039 D 68FDTAC2 Fire Tactical  Fire-Tac 
41019 a03b D 68FDTAC3 Fire Tactical  Fire-Tac 
41022 a03e D 68FDTAC4 Fire Tactical  Fire-Tac 
41027 a043 D 68FDTAC5 Fire Tactical  Fire-Tac 
41030 a046 D 68FDTAC6 Fire Tactical  Fire-Tac 
We have a county based Dispatch system for fire which covers about 10 different Fire Departments. The sherrifs office handles most of the LEO work in the county with a few smaller Depts as well all on the same dispatch channel as well as Eaton Police. 

This channel is streamed from a Desktop running SDRTrunk version 0.5.0 Beta 3 and two NooElec SDR dongles.