Feed Status
Brownstown Fire
Brownstown Fire & Rescue, Trenton Fire, Auto Aid Fire Ground talk group
2 Listeners
Bruce Township Fire1 Listeners
Chesterfield Township Fire1 Listeners
Dearborn Area Public Safety
Police and Fire for: Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Westland-Garden City, Inkster-Wayne, Redford Township, Romulus, and U of M Dearborn Campus. All West Wayne Fire Authority, as well as Livonia Fire Dispatch.
36 Listeners
Detroit Area Maritime
Channels 8, 10, 11, 12, 16, 21,22.
1 Listeners
Detroit EMS Dispatch
Detroit EMS Dispatch FDEDSP1
6 Listeners
Detroit Fire
Detroit Fire Department Fire Dispatch & Fireground Channels
32 Listeners
Detroit Police Dispatch
DPD Dispatch talkgroups... 8040 Cent Dispatch Precincts 1 & 13; 8043 SW Dispatch Precincts 2 & 3; 8046 NE Dispatch Precincts 7 & 11; 8049 NW Dispatch Precincts 6 & 8; 8055 Western Dispatch Precincts 10 & 12; 8058 - Eastern Dispatch Precincts 5 & 9
113 Listeners
Detroit Railroads - CN, CSX, Amtrak0 Listeners
Detroit Railroads - NS, Conrail, CP1 Listeners
Downriver Public Safety
All Wayne County, Michigan Downriver Area Police and Fire
57 Listeners
Essex Fire and Rescue2 Listeners
Franklin-Bingham Fire Dispatch1 Listeners
Groose lle Township Fire1 Listeners
Grosse Pointes and Harper Woods Police and Fire 7 Listeners
Groveland Fire and Holly Village Fire Dispatch
Groveland Fire - Holly Village Fire 153.8000
Independence Township Fire0 Listeners
K8FBI 442.6000 / 442.0750 MHz Repeaters and AllStar HUB
Flying Beers International ARC AllStar HUB serving the greater Detroit Michigan area. Repeaters on 442.600 in Warren, MI and 442.075 in Romeo, MI and a small network of AllStar connected nodes. AllStar node #43732 Echolink K8FBI-R
0 Listeners
KC8UMP 443.6250 MHz Mt. Clemens Repeater
443.62500+ 151.4PL KC8UMP Mt. Clemens -
0 Listeners
Macomb County Police, Fire, and EMS
Macomb County Simulcast
27 Listeners
Macomb Fire0 Listeners
New Baltimore Fire1 Listeners
New Haven Fire1 Listeners
Northville Police and Fire / Plymouth City Fire0 Listeners
Novi Fire Dispatch
New Upgrades: Crystal clear line with a Uniden SDS100. Walled Lake and Commerce also included.
3 Listeners
Oakland County Fire Dispatch - All County (P25)
Oakland County Fire/EMS MABAS 3201 (“North”) and MABAS 3202 (“South”/Oakway) Fire/EMS Dispatch Channels.
4 Listeners
Oakland County Fire/EMS MABAS 3201 (“North”) - Dispatch/Tac/Talk (P25)
Addison; AHFD*; Berkley; Beverly Hills; BHFIRE; Bran/Ortonville; Clawson; CTFD; FCFD; Frank/Bing; Groveland; Highland; HOFD; Huntington Woods; Independence; Lyon; MIFD; NOFA; Novi; Oakland; Oak Park; OTFD; OXFD; RCFD; TRFD; WLFD. *Launched
3 Listeners
Oakland County Fire/EMS MABAS 3202 (“South”/Oakway) - Dispatch/Tac/Talk (P25)
Birmingham (63BIFD1); Ferndale (63FEFD1); Hazel Park (63HPFD1); Madison Heights (63MHFD1); Rochester Hills (63RHFD1); Royal Oak (63ROFD1); Southfield (63SOFD1) active.
1 Listeners
Orion & Oxford Township Fire Dispatch
Orion Township Fire Department, Oxford Township Fire Department, Independence Township Fire Department, Oakland Township Fire Department, and Addison Township Fire Department.
Ray Township Fire and Rescue1 Listeners
Richmond Lenox EMS1 Listeners
Romulus and Huron Township Public SafetyOffline
South Lyon Fire Department Dispatch
Fire and EMS Dispatch for South Lyon and Lyon Township --- Feed Provided By JMF
0 Listeners
Southern Wayne County Rail0 Listeners
Sterling Heights Police and Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Troy Fire Dispatch1 Listeners
Van Buren Fire2 Listeners
Van Buren Police and Fire, Sumpter Police and Fire, Huron Township Police0 Listeners
W8FSM 224.6200 MHz Holly Repeater0 Listeners
W8FSM 442.3500 MHz Repeater
MICON-DTX NWS Hub Repeater.
0 Listeners
Walled Lake and Commerce Township Fire Dispatch
Walled Lake and Commerce Township FD - 155.8050 Mhz 10-17-2021: New antenna installed.
1 Listeners
Warren Fire
Warren Fire Department Dispatch & Tactical
0 Listeners
Warren Police and Fire, Center Line Public Safety24 Listeners
West Wayne County Cities Police, Fire and EMS, MSP District 2 South
PD & FD Dispatch talkgroups for the cities of Dearborn Heights, Garden City, Inkster, Wayne, Westland, Romulus, Redford, Livonia FD, and MSP District 2 South Dispatch.
31 Listeners
Windsor and Essex County Fire/EMS25 Listeners