Feed Status
Davie, Forsyth, Davidson, and Randolph County Public Safety1 Listeners
Forsyth County EMS
Scanning the following Talk Groups: FCEMS E-1 & Med Tac 1
0 Listeners
Forsyth County Sheriff Dispatch
Forsyth County, NC Sheriffs Department. Primary is dispatch.
3 Listeners
Guilford County and Greensboro Fire Dispatch3 Listeners
Guilford County EMS Dispatch0 Listeners
Guilford County Sheriff and Greensboro Police Dispatch106 Listeners
Guilford Metro Fire
Broadcasting Greensboro, Guilford County, High Point, PTIA, Burlington and Graham Fire TGs. Also Thomasville FD Dispatch is included from the Guilford system. GCEMS OPS 1-3 and EMS Command are now included.
5 Listeners
Norfolk Southern Rail - Winston Salem Area
Broadcasting Ch20 dispatcher to train Ch22 dispatcher to yard Ch10 dispatcher to maintenance Ch48 dispatcher Ch72 dispatcher to yard & Ch76 train yard.
0 Listeners
North Carolina Highway Patrol
Feed provides P25 digital radio traffic (Viper) for Forsyth, Stokes, Surry, Wilkes, Yadkin and Davie counties Tx sites. You will hear traffic from across the state as units pass through the transmitters coverage area. ** feed is located in Forsyth Co.
5 Listeners
NS Railroad, Danville District, Greensboro, NC - Roads
Motorola CDM1250, Rasp PI; @ MP294.5 CP Elm; CH27 Main/H-Disp; CH53 Main/H–Rd, Priority; Hilltop DD MP291.5; Rudd DD MP276.5; CH09 H–Disp; CH56 H-Rd; CH35 H/CF-Disp; CH57 H/CF-Rd; CH20 K-Disp; CH48 K-Rd; Friendship DD MP7.6
1 Listeners
NS Railroad, Danville District, Greensboro, NC - Yard
Motorola CDM1250 Radio, Rasperry PI Controller; @ MP294.5 CP Elm; CH10 Maintenance of Way; CH92 Pomona Yard CH1; CH42 Pomona Yard CH2
0 Listeners
Smith Reynolds Airport (KINT)
Smith Reynolds Airport in stereo, right channel 123.7500 tower traffic and the left channel 124.3500 is for approach and departure traffic.
0 Listeners
Triad Area Weather NOAA Weather Radio WXL422 Listeners
Winston Salem Airport (KINT) Tower & Ground0 Listeners
Winston-Salem and Forsyth County Fire and Rescue
Feed is digital and includes all radio traffic (Mobile & Handheld Radios) not just the communications (Dispatch) side. Priority is Primary Dispatch. 08/02/2022 - Includes City of WS Fire, county has assumed dispatch responsibility.
9 Listeners
Winston-Salem Fire
City & County Fire Department in stereo, right channel is for city & county fireground Ch only & left channel is for city & county dispatch Ch only.
2 Listeners
Winston-Salem Police Dispatch
Winston Salem Police dispatcher to police only.
118 Listeners