JeffCo Central Fire Dispatch
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Jefferson County "JeffComm" Central Fire Dispatch and Fireground talkgroups: Golden Fire, Fairmount Fire, Pleasant View Fire and Golden Gate Fire.

This mono JeffCo Central Fire Dispatch feed is being provided by a Uniden BCD396XT radio scannng the DTRS Lookout Mtn site.

Golden Fire Dept Stations 21-24, Fairmount Fire Stations 31-33, Pleasant View Fire Station 41, Golden Gate Fire Stations 81-82 and Stadium Medical EMS Medics 21-22-23.

State of Colorado DTRS talkgroups:
1509 Central Fire Dispatch
1538 Central Fire Tac 2
1495 Central Fire Tac 3
1497 Central Fire Tac 4
1511 Central Fire Tac 5
1505 Central Fire Tac 6 - Training (locked out)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions (either via a "Report a Problem" message or directly at

Thank you, Kurt