Feed Status
Arvada Fire and EMS
Stereo Feed: LEFT = Arvada Fire/EMS Main Dispatch channel --- RIGHT = Arvada Fire/EMS TAC group 3 for major incidents.
6 Listeners
Fairmount Fire Rescue
Fairmount Fire Rescue, Golden Colorado broadcasts FFPD DISP for routine calls and training.
0 Listeners
JeffCo Central Fire Dispatch
A mono feed of the Jefferson County "JeffComm" Central Fire Dispatch and Fireground talkgroups: Stations 21-24 Golden Fire and Stadium Medical EMS, Fairmount Fire Stations 31-33 and Pleasant View Fire Station 41.
4 Listeners
Jeffco Mtn Fire, Foothills, Evergreen, Elk Creek Fire Departments
Jeffco Dispatch, Foothills Fire, Evergreen Fire, Elk Creek Fire, Inter Canyon Fire plus VRED Southwest
1 Listeners
Mountain Area Sheriff and Fire Departments
(((STEREO FEED))) Evergreen Fire - Elk Creek Fire - Indian Hills FD - Genesee FD- Intercanyon FD - Foothills Fire - State Patrol District 1a Jefferson County Sheriff now hiding their radio traffic from the public with Encryption as of 12.30.2019
2 Listeners
North Central Colorado Counties Search and Rescue0 Listeners
West Metro Fire Rescue
Lakewood Fire Dispatch, Includes West Metro Fire, Pleasant View, Wheat Ridge, no tags.
36 Listeners