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Blue Mountains RFS
Broadcasting the Blue Mountains Rural Fire Service GRN radio network. Special ops channels are sometimes used during major fire events, so there many not be as many radio transmissions during this time.
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Gosford Rural Fire Service
NSW RFS Central Coast District
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NSW GRN - Greater Sydney Area
Ambulance, Fire & Rescue, RFS, SES, Sydney Trains, RMS, Council, Security, Corrective Services, Sheriff & National Parks & Wildlife, plus more. DURING A CRISIS USE ALTERNATE FEED 34010 Feed ID
7 Listeners
NSW GRN - Penrith Area
NSW RFS - OCC, PRI - Cumberland, PRI - RFS OPS, TAC TMC Nato - 1 Metro Nth 4 - Special Ops Sth 3 - CBD Special Ops Sth 4 - Special Ops TMC Nato 2 - TMC Nato 3 - Special Ops M4 Smart Motorway Ops SES RCR - State Wide
NSW RFS - Hills District
'eG019 The Hills'
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NSW RFS - Hornsby GRN
NSW Rural Fire Service - GRN feed for Hornsby District in using Cowan GRN Site. Streamed from Berowra Heights
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NSW RFS - Incident Management
Standby feed will be brought online during large incidents where fireground and incident management channels are in use.
Primary Emergency Services - Statewide NSW
This feed is designed for emergencies. Running the following services 24x7: Fire & Rescue, Ambulance, SES, Emergency Liaison Channel for top level Emergencies. This stream is to aid during severe weather, bush fire, other disasters.
2 Listeners
VK2RFS 2M South East Network Bega NSW0 Listeners