NSW RFS - Hawkesbury District
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NSW Rural Fire Service - 2215 HWKSB P - P25 PMR Channel (Frequency: 420.2000 MHz - E066 Kurrajong Heights)

Hawkesbury District are apart of centralised dispatch. Other districts may be heard on this stream however radio is locked to Hawkesbury.

Feed Established: 20th December 2022

Equipment / Software:
- Uniden UBCD396XT (Hawkesbury Feed)
- 7x SDR-RTL v3 (Awaiting arrival of additional v3 SDR's for expansion)
- Computer running ProScan & SDRTrunk
- Smof Ground Loop Noise Isolator
- Stridsberg Engineering MCA208M Multicoupler

Supplied Feeds / Calls:
 - NSW PSN (RFS ONLY) - Kurrajong Heights Tower (Calls)
 - NSW RFS - Blue Mountains District (Feed)
 - NSW RFS - Cumberland District (Feed)
 - NSW RFS - Hawkesbury District (Feed)
 - NSW RFS - Hills District (Feed)
 - NSW RFS - Hornsby District (Feed)
 - NSW RFS - Macarthur District (Feed)

Transmission Priority / Colour Codes:
Yellow - General non-incident related call.
Blue - Operational incident related call.
Red - Urgent message, but unit/crew not in danger.
Emergency - Life-threatening situation, unit/crew in immediate danger.