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Beach Patrol, Port Orange Police, South Daytona Police, Ponce Inlet Police, and Daytona Beach Shores Police
Volusia County TRS talkgroups on this feed *VCSO LE 5 PD dispatch for Port Orange, S Daytona, Ponce Inlet, and Daytona Beach Shores police departments *LE 1 Beach Patrol law enforcement dispatch *Air One and other mutual aid and interop
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Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and Holly Hill Police
Florida: Dispatch channels for Volusia County municipalities of Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, and Holly Hill.
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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Campus Safety & Security 1 Listeners
SARNET - Florida's State Wide Connected Repeater System
The Statewide Amateur Radio Network (SARnet) is a network of 35 to 40 linked UHF voice repeaters that serves the State of Florida. The key to what makes SARnet work so well is that this network uses dedicated bandwidth that is separate from the internet.
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Volusia County Fire and EMS
Feed located in Ormond Beach, FL. Currently monitoring talk groups covering Fire/EMS dispatch and all fire tac channels. EMS is being dispatched on fire dispatch channels with specific details being sent via Mobile Data Terminals.
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Volusia County Fire and EMS Dispatch2 Listeners
Volusia County Fire TAC 3 & 51 Listeners
Volusia County LE-7 Public Safety3 Listeners