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Brevard County Amateur Repeaters
TARC, LISATS, IRARC, KSCARC, Brevard EOC, and Skywatchers and Communicators club repeaters.
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Brevard County Fire Department Tac Channels
County and City Tac Channels for working incidents. If I am home. I may lock on one Tac channel during an active incident.
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Brevard County Fire Departments
County and City Fire Departmants I am able to receive with my current set up. I hope to get a better antenna system soon.
Brevard County Law Enforcement Dispatch - South
Includes Brevard County All South Towers, Melbourne, Palm Bay Police dispatch, OPS, BCSO dispatch and other local police dispatch
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Brevard County Sheriff - North, Titusville Police
BCSO North and Titusville Police talk-groups
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Brevard County Sheriff - West, Cocoa and Rockledge Police
BCSO West, Cocoa PD, Rockledge PD
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Brevard County Sheriff East Precinct and Fire, Cocoa Beach Police / Fire
BCSO East Dispatch and Ops, Canaveral Ops, and Countywide. BCFR Dispatch 2, TAC 1,TAC 2, TAC 3, TAC 53, Admin, Air Ops Med. Cocoa Beach PD and FD Dispatch, Fire TAC 50.
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Indian Harbor Beach Fire1 Listeners
Indian Harbor Beach Operations1 Listeners
KCOI CTAF0 Listeners
Melbourne Police and Fire Dispatch4 Listeners
Palm Bay Police, Brevard County Sheriff Dispatch - South
BCSO South, BCFR South, Including TC groups, Palm Bay Police and Fire and Melbourne PD
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SARNET - Florida's State Wide Connected Repeater System
The Statewide Amateur Radio Network (SARnet) is a network of 35 to 40 linked UHF voice repeaters that serves the State of Florida. The key to what makes SARnet work so well is that this network uses dedicated bandwidth that is separate from the internet.
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