Brevard County Amateur Repeaters
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TARC, LISATS, IRARC, KSCARC, Brevard EOC, and Skywatchers and Communicators club repeaters.

This feed includes the following FM analog amateur repeaters operated by the respective clubs:


146.94 MHz K4GCC – Launch Information Service and Amateur Television System

146.97 K4KSC - Titusville Amateur Radio Club 

145.37 MHz W2SDB  – Indian River Amateur Radio Club

145.88 MHz W4NLX – Indian River Amateur Radio Club

147.33 MHz K4NBR - North Brevard Amateur Radio Club

444.925 MHz N1KSC – Kennedy Space Center Amateur Radio Club

444.875 MHz KC2UFO - Skywatchers and Communicators Club

147.135 MHz K4EOC - Brevard EOC