Feed Status
Bridgeport Area EMS
Fairfield County EMS (Ambulance) Services
1 Listeners
Bridgeport Fire
Fire Dispatch & Fire grounds........ I Have gotten your problem reports, I am on the edge of being able to RX the system Im in talks to get the feed moved much closer but it may take a little time
0 Listeners
Brookfield Fire and EMS Dispatch3 Listeners
Connecticut State Police, QVEC, Middlesex County Fire/EMS, Valley Shore Fire/EMS
Simultaneous multi-scan of CT State Police, Middlesex County Fire/EMS, Valley Shore Fire/EMS, QVEC, Norwich PD/FD, Groton PD, Ledyard PD, Plainfield PD, Stonington PD/FD, Coventry PD, New Britain FD, DEEP, Statewide DEMHS, and lots more
9 Listeners
Connecticut State Public Safety (Troop G, I and DEEP)
Troop G, Troop I, DEEP-Encon West, Parks West, Spill, Marine, Forestry, Lake Patrol, Fire Coord 1, Fire Coord 2, MTA PD, MTA Interop, New Haven & Fairfield Hot Lines
9 Listeners
Danbury Fire HQ7 Listeners
Danbury Fire Ops1 Listeners
Darien Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Fairfield Fire Dispatch1 Listeners
Fairfield Police Dispatch1 Listeners
Georgetown Volunteer Fire0 Listeners
Greater Bridgeport Amateur Radio Club
The Greater Bridgeport Amateur Radio Club (GBARC) Analog Repeater, N1KGN, and WA1RJI. The repeater is open to public use by anyone who is a licensed amateur radio operator. Visit our website to learn about upcoming activities and more about the club.
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Greenwich and Stamford Fire - Digital
Digital feed for Stamford Fire department and the Greenwich Fire department. This feed will only be live during a major incident in one of the cities, or a declared state of emergency, and will only air the relevant talkgroups.
Hartford Area NOAA Weather Radio WXJ41
NOAA Weather Radio For the Greater Hartford / Tolland Counties Broadcast from Soapstone MT. in Somers, CT
3 Listeners
LIFE STAR Air Medical Service
LIFE STAR Hartford Hospital 155.385 PL 82.5 , 461.3875 PL 141.3 , 452.3375 DPL 351
5 Listeners
Long Island Area NOAA Weather Radio
Serving Long Island, NY and the surrounding areas...
1 Listeners
Lower Naugatuck Valley Fire and EMS
Shelton Fire, Derby Fire/Ems, Ansonia Fire /Ems, Seymour Fire/Ems, Oxford Fire/EMS, Bethany Fire/Ems, Orange Fire, Beacon Falls Fire/Ems, and Woodbridge Fire
20 Listeners
Monroe Fire & EMS2 Listeners
New Fairfield Fire/Rescue/EMS2 Listeners
New York City Area NOAA Weather Radio KWO35
NOAA Weather Radio - KWO 35 from New York City.
1 Listeners
Newtown Fire and EMS, Bethel Fire, and Brookfield Fire
7 Listeners
Norwalk Fire Dispatch2 Listeners
Norwalk Police Dispatch14 Listeners
Ridgefield Fire1 Listeners
Ridgefield Fire0 Listeners
Shelton Fire
Shelton Fire Dispatch, FG1 & FG2 Fed with CDM1250 for clear audio
0 Listeners
Shelton Fire Dispatch
Official feed of the Shelton Fire Department, located in Fairfield County, Shelton, CT 06484.
2 Listeners
South Central Region Area Fire and EMS
Shelton FD/EMS, Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Derby, Milford, Orange, Oxford, Seymour, Woodbridge
3 Listeners
South Central Region Area Police
CT State Police: Troops A, G, I, H, L, F, DEEP - Fairfield Cnty Depts: Shelton, Trumbull, Fairfield Cnty Hotline - **New Haven Cnty Depts: Ansonia, Derby, Orange, Seymour, Woodbridge, New Haven Cnty Hotline
4 Listeners
Stamford Fire - Analog0 Listeners
Stamford Fire and EMS - Digital
This is official feed of trunked radio system, serving The City of Stamford Fire Department, the five volunteer Fire Companies and Stamford EMS.
10 Listeners
State Fire/DEEP Forestry & Spill
State of CT Trunk System Talkgroups for state fire coordination and DEEP
1 Listeners
Stevenson Fire0 Listeners
Stratford Fire and EMS - Analog
Feed broadcast via Uniden Bearcat BCD996XT. Frequencies monitored: 154.31000 - KCD264 - Fire 1 Dispatch 155.73000 - WQCE578 - Fire 2 Fireground 151.13750 - Fire 3 Fireground (VTAC11) 159.74250 - Fire 4 Admin 451.45000 - EMS
8 Listeners
Trumball Center Fire Station 10 Listeners
Trumbull Fire and EMS
Monroe/Trumbull CT Fire/EMS 155.805000 Trmbl EMS 155.962500 Trmbl FD 1 33.560000 Trmbl FD 1 33.760000 Trmbl FD 2 33.860000 Trmbl FD 3 45.080000 Monroe EMS 453.350000 Monroe Fire5 453.675000 Monroe Fire2 453.787500 Monroe Fire3 458.562500 Monroe
0 Listeners
Trumbull Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Trumbull Fire Dispatch and Ops1 Listeners
W1EE 447.1250 MHz Stamford DMR Repeater
STAMFORD CONNECTICUT DMR Digital REPEATER NETWORK ARES & Emergency Traffic Plus ALERT. (ARES) INCLUDING CT. STATE WIDE & TAC 1 thru 15 during activation's.. Motorola MotoTRBO repeater.. Stamford Analog Repeater 146.655 .
0 Listeners
West Redding Fire1 Listeners
Westport EMS2 Listeners
Westport FireOffline
Wilton Fire Dispatch - Analog2 Listeners