Feed Status
Clarke County Fire and EMS1 Listeners
KC4RCR Clarke County 444.300 MHz Repeater0 Listeners
KC4RCR Clarke County Monitored Repeaters
This feed includes amateur radio stations: N3JLT 51.940, K4QJZ 145.210, KG4Y 145.390, W4RKC 146.820, W3CWC 147.090, 146.520 / 146.580 FM Simplex, and KC4RCR Simplex Allstar 51461
1 Listeners
Norfolk Southern - Hagerstown District North End
This audio feed provides coverage of Norfolk Southern's Hagerstown District between Front Royal, VA and Berryville, VA.
2 Listeners
Virginia State Police Division 22 Listeners
WA4TSC Bluemont 147.300 Repeater
Dedicated feed for the WA4TSC/N3JLT Bluemont VA repeater on 147.300. This repeater also serves as the SKYWARN repeater for the coverage area. Nightly net at 1930 ET. See for more details.
0 Listeners