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Arlington Fire Department0 Listeners
Grapevine Police, Fire and EMS5 Listeners
K5FTW 146.9400 MHz Tarrant County RACES/ARES - SKYWARN
Radio will be monitoring amateur radio repeater 146.940 Mhz. This is the primary frequency used for Fort Worth and Tarrant County Skywarn, RACES (Radio Amateurs in Civil Emergency Service), and ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) reports and operation
0 Listeners
North Texas Tollway Authority DPS Dispatch
NTTA DPS Dispatch 60035
South Tarrant County Fire2 Listeners
W5FA 145.3300 MHz - The 33 Repeater
Radio will be monitoring amateur radio repeater 145.330 Mhz. The 6shooter repeater has a very large footprint in the DFW area and has a ragchew net on Thursday nights at 19:30.
0 Listeners
West of Town Amateur Radio - Simplex 1 Listeners