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NJ-TRBO Tri-State 31360 DMR0 Listeners
Washington City Fire
Feed is dedicated to the dispatch and operations of the City of Washington Fire Department.
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Washington City Fire, County Zone 1 Fire and EMS
This feed is for the City Of Washington Fire Department and Washington County Fire and EMS Zone 1.City Fire Has Priority.Zone 2 Fire has been added to the feed.
6 Listeners
Washington County Fire - Zone 3
(((Stereo Feed))) Left Channel = Monongahela City Fire (UHF) | Right Channel = Zone 3 Fire + Ops (VHF). If "LOCAL" in alert then Full Ops Channels are available and will be heard from the Fireground.
12 Listeners
Washington County Fire and EMS
Full coverage of all Fire / EMS dispatch channels for Washington County. You will not hear fire-ground channels unless they are nearby the Washington area, fire-ground channels are not repeated.
40 Listeners
Washington County Police
Coverage of all Police Zones in Washington County.
16 Listeners
Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway
Covers Wheeling and Lake Erie Rook, River, Valley and Pittsburgh subdivisions.
0 Listeners