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Lackawanna and Wayne Counties Fire
Live audio from the North Pocono Region of Lackawanna County broadcasting the following frequencies: - Lackawanna & Wayne County Fire Dispatch - Wayne County Fire Operations 2 & 3 - County Operational Frequencies: Yellow, Green, Black, Gray, Orange
8 Listeners
Lackawanna County Abington Area Fire Dispatch and Tac 21 Listeners
Lackawanna County Dispatch & Mid-Valley Grey Channel4 Listeners
NJ-TRBO Tri-State 31360 DMR1 Listeners
NS Sunbury Line
AAR Channel 91/91 (161.475MHz) Container to CP KASE
2 Listeners
Reading, Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad
AAR Radio Channel 44 (160.770)
1 Listeners
Susquehanna, Wayne, Lackawanna, Wyoming and Luzerne Counties Fire / EMS31 Listeners