Feed Status
Clackamas County Fire and EMS
Official feed of Clackamas Fire Dist. #1 This feed is now on P25 digital. Feed includes Dispatch, OPS 24, 25, 26, 27,28, CLACK A, CLACK B, FIRE TRAINING 1 & 2. Also VHF backup Frequencies. Not all of these talk groups are active at the same time.
2 Listeners
Clackamas County Fire Channel 2Offline
Clackamas County Fire Channel 40 Listeners
Clackamas County Fire Channel 50 Listeners
Clackamas County Fire Channel 6Offline
Clackamas County Fire Channel 7Offline
Clackamas County Fire Channel 8Offline
Clackamas County Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Clackamas County Law 114 Listeners
Clackamas County Law 27 Listeners
Lake Oswego Fire
LoCom Dispatch, Ops 22, Ops 23 and Clack A. This feed is programmed for the new digital P25 radio system.
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Lake Oswego Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Mt Hood Area Forest Operations
Radio feed of various Mt. Hood and ODF operations in and around the Mt Hood area, as received from northwest Clackamas County.
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W7PRA Peak Radio Association0 Listeners
WA7ABU 145.2900 MHz Repeater
The 145.290 Mhz repeater located in the Silverton hills serving the mid to north Willamette valley. Nets at 10am, noon, and 11pm every weekday. This repeater is very popular and quite busy throughout the day. This is the WA7ABU repeater on 145.290 Mhz.
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