Feed Status
Big Sur Fire0 Listeners
California Fire Special 1
Special Events Feed: Will be activated only during large special events such as wildland incidents around the state.
Marina Police Dispatch
Bearcat 996P2. Monterey Trunked systems
2 Listeners
Monterey and San Francisco Bay Area NOAA Weather Radio0 Listeners
Monterey Area NOAA Weather Radio KEC490 Listeners
Monterey County Fire Agencies
Monterey County Fire(CMD31) & Calfire (BEU) East
2 Listeners
Monterey County Sheriff and Fire Dispatch Offline
Monterey County Sheriff Dispatch6 Listeners
Northern California Major IncidentOffline
Salinas Fire0 Listeners
San Luis Obispo and Southern Monterey Counties CAL FIRE
Dispatch, Command, and Tactical Frequencies for San Luis Obispo County Fire/Cal Fire (SLU) and the southern end of Monterey/San Benito County Cal Fire (BEU).
1 Listeners
Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Area Amateur Repeaters
W6WLS-147.180, WB6ECE-147.270, WR6AOK-147.120, K6BJ-146.790, ARES-146.835, ARES-146.745
4 Listeners
Seaside Fire0 Listeners
WIN System Amateur Repeater Network
The WIN System is a network of over 70 Amateur Radio repeaters covering a large part of California as well as regions in Canada and 11 other States. Due to the size this system. Please DO NOT use this streaming audio service for performing a radio chec
27 Listeners