Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Area Amateur Repeaters
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W6WLS-147.180, WB6ECE-147.270, WR6AOK-147.120, ARES-146.835, ARES-146.745

This audio feed is with an  "ICOM-IC-V8000 Radio"  fully dedicated for the purpose of over the NET listening.
Using a Dell Opti Plex computer w/Windows XP. Using external roof top antenna, located in Scotts Valley Ca.

The scanner channels (frequency's) are as fallows:

147.180-W6WLS.  147.270-WB6ECE. 147.120-WR6AOK

146.745-ARES. 146.835-ARES.

These repeater systems serve:

The Greater Monterey Bay Area- Including Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties, Ca. USA