Calls Coverage

There is coverage available for this county on Broadcastify calls for the following services:

Live Audio Feed Status
Blind Hams DMR, Allstar and DSTAR Hub
A multi-mode digital/analog bridge to connect blind and visually impaired amateur radio operators world-wide, including the Blind Hams Digital Net.
0 Listeners
Brooklyn Fire and Hatzolah EMS Dispatch14 Listeners
FDNY - Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island126 Listeners
FDNY Citywide1 Listeners
FDNY EMS - Manhattan Central
FDNY and Voluntary (Hospital) EMS units with posts (CSL/89s) between approximately 14th St. and 110th St. FDNY EMS Divisions 1 and 6.
2 Listeners
FDNY Fire Dispatch - Bronx19 Listeners
FDNY Fire Dispatch - Brooklyn14 Listeners
FDNY Fire Dispatch - Manhattan16 Listeners
FDNY Fire Dispatch - Queens6 Listeners
FDNY Fire Dispatch - Staten Island4 Listeners
Hurricane Watch Net - 14.3250 MHz and 7.2680 MHzOffline
N2ACF Repeater System
Covering most of eastern New York State from Long Island up to Lake George, as well as portions of northern New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania.
0 Listeners
New York City Area NOAA Weather Radio KWO35
NOAA Weather Radio - KWO 35 from New York City.
5 Listeners
Northern NJ and NY City Area Marine
This feed is VHF Marine radio for the Northern New Jersey and New York City area. Including the Hudson River, East River, New York Harbor, Newark Bay, Passaic and Hackensack Rivers, Raritan Bay and River, Atlantic Ocean and all surrounding waters. Enjoy..
9 Listeners
NYPD - 109th and 111th Precincts4 Listeners
NYPD - 60 and 61 Precincts
Additionally scanning 67 and 71 Precincts
2 Listeners
NYPD - Brooklyn 72, 76, 78th Precincts1 Listeners
NYPD - Manhattan Precincts 1, 5, 71 Listeners
NYPD - Manhattan Precincts 10, 132 Listeners
NYPD - Manhattan Precincts 19, 231 Listeners
NYPD - Manhattan Precincts 20, CP, 243 Listeners
NYPD - Manhattan Precincts 25, 28, 323 Listeners
NYPD - Manhattan Precincts 26, 301 Listeners
NYPD - Manhattan Precincts 33, 341 Listeners
NYPD - Manhattan Precincts 6, 91 Listeners
NYPD - Manhattan Precincts MTS, 17, MTN1 Listeners
NYPD - Queens 103rd and 107th Precincts1 Listeners
NYPD Brooklyn - 62nd and 68th Precincts
Covering Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Mapleton, Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights.
NYPD Citywide 13 Listeners
NYPD Citywide 20 Listeners
NYPD Citywide 31 Listeners
NYPD Citywide 40 Listeners
NYPD Special Operations Division
NYPD Special Operations Division (SOD)
39 Listeners
Rockaway Point Fire and Rescue 1 Listeners
West Hamilton Beach Fire Dispatch0 Listeners