Brooklyn Fire and Hatzolah EMS Dispatch
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Brooklyn Fire and Hatzolah EMS.

5/16/2014 changed FDNY over to their UHF frequency, since they've shut down empire ave, and the VHF signal is now almost inaudiable

5/23/2014: UHF sounds as bad as the VHF did. Switched back to FDNY VHF signal. Not sure what they did, but it sounds much better now. Nothing on my end, it's all on the transmitting side. Other frequencies come in fine.

8/6/2014 PC Crashed. Trying to get the stream up and running on my RasPi. Will update

8/21/2014 Finally got my RasPi up and streaming! Sounds clearer to me than it did before, too.

2/2015 Moved feed to the 3rd floor of an apt. building. Seems to sound much clearer. Aiming for 100% uptime. Again, if there are any problems PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

2/2021 - feed down due to internet issues. Hoping to get it up asap

~6/2021 - Feed is up and running. Aware of "motorboating" noise on frequency, as yet unable to resolve. Audio isn't the clearest, but should be audible enough to be usable. As always, send me a "Feed Down Report" if there are any issues that I can try to fix for you guys!

6/2023 - Router crash means the feed will be down for a bit until I can get parts in. Hopefully will be back in under a week or 2

7/2023 - Seems to be back up and clear audio. Please let me know if you notice a problem!