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Arlington Fire Grounds
Repeater 1 - Left Channel Fire 1 & Fire 2 - Right Channel
0 Listeners
Dutchess County Fire and EMSOffline
Dutchess County Sheriff and NYSP Troop K Dispatch
New York State Police Radio Codes & Identifiers Radio Codes File 1 - Stolen vehicle 2 - Motor vehicle registration check 3 - Report to division headquarters 4 - Hit & run 5 - Wanted person 6 - Missing person 7 - Burglary 8 - Robbery 9 - Lost/m
5 Listeners
Hurricane Watch Net - 14.3250 MHz and 7.2680 MHzOffline
Metro-North Hudson Line1 Listeners
Mobile Life Support Dutchess Dispatch
Mobile Life Support Services OneVoice Network, Beacon Tower Dutchess Dispatch Talkgroup
1 Listeners
N2ACF Repeater System
Covering most of Eastern New York State from Long Island to Lake George.
0 Listeners
NJ-TRBO Tri-State 31360 DMR0 Listeners
Poughkeepsie Fire
City of Poughkeepsie Fire Department Dispatch, Fireground 1, and Command
2 Listeners
Southern Dutchess County Fire Departments and DC911
This is a STEREO FEED and it covers Dutchess County including the City of Poughkeepsie Fire Department. Feed includes Dispatch on the left channel and all DC fireground frequencies as well as City of Poughkeepsies and many individual department channels o
10 Listeners
Town of Poughkeepsie Police Dispatch
Town of Poughkeepsie Police NYCOMCO EDACS, Walker Mtn Tower Patrol Dispatch Talkgroup
5 Listeners