Calls Coverage

There is coverage available for this county on Broadcastify calls for the following services:

Live Audio Feed Status
Barnegat Township Police2 Listeners
Barrier Island Boardwalk and Beach Events
SsH & SsP beach control and shared PD channels. Lavallette, Ortley & OB beach control. (Ocean & Bay beaches) Boardwalk attractions are scanned as well. Staticky transition's are because some beach patrols use simplex,
0 Listeners
Brick Fire Department3 Listeners
Central Jersey Hatzolah5 Listeners
Jackson Fire and EMS7 Listeners
Lakewood EMS/First Aid2 Listeners
Lakewood Fire Department
This is an official feed provided by the Lakewood Fire Department.
5 Listeners
Lavallette FAS0 Listeners
Lavallette Fire1 Listeners
Long Beach Island Fire and EMS
Long Beach Island, NJ Fire & EMS Island 1 Dispatch Island 2 Ops Primary Island 3 Ops Secondary Island 4 Fireground Primary Island 5 Fireground Secondary
4 Listeners
Manchester Fire Department 1 Listeners
New Jersey Forest Fire Service - Division B
Covering the Pine Barrens of Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean and Burlington Counties in central New Jersey.
5 Listeners
New Jersey State Police Troop B
Troop "B" has the responsibility of providing full time coverage to 29 municipalities, part time coverage to six municipalities, as well as patrolling Highways ; I-78, I-80, I-95, I-280 and I-287, and I-24 in Northern NJ. Now on NJICS!
10 Listeners
New Jersey State Police Troop C9 Listeners
New Jersey Statewide Medevac
Statewide Medevac Dispatch and Operations
8 Listeners
New Jersey Transit3 Listeners
New York City Area NOAA Weather Radio KWO35
NOAA Weather Radio - KWO 35 from New York City.
4 Listeners
NJ Forest Fire Division AOffline
Ocean County EMS & Medics
Ocean County EMS Dispatch, Ocean County UHF and 700 TRS. All local Ocean County EMS Agencies All EMS zones and county EMS coordinator South medevac channel NJSP Aviation primary and back up talkgroup - MICU Statewide and Tac. NJ OEMS coordin
2 Listeners
Ocean County Fire and EMS (Toms River Area)
This Feed is located in South Toms River, NJ. Ocean County Talkgroups: Fire: All County Wide Fire on the 700Mhz P25 Trunked system. Also monitoring all Manchester, Lakewood, Brick, Point Pleasant (Beach & Boro), & Toms River Fire Zones.
2 Listeners
Ocean County Fire and EMS - Northern
Toms River FD EMS,.Seaside Heights & Park Emergency Services. Point Pleasant Beach & Borough FD EMS. Lakewood FD. Brick FD EMS. OC 700 TRS FD OEM some EMS TG's. Mantoloking Bay Head. Beach Patrol removed unless undertow conditions exist.
19 Listeners
Ocean County Fire and EMS - Zone 1
Ocean County 700 P25 Fire Ops 1 Fire Tac 1 E-EMS 1 EMS Ops 1 OC Fire/EMS Paging
2 Listeners
Ocean County Fire and EMS Dispatch8 Listeners
Ocean County Police - South
Ocean County 700 P25 Police 1 Clear Police 4 Clear OCSO 1
1 Listeners
Point Pleasant Beach Fire Dispatch1 Listeners
Point Pleasant Borough Fire3 Listeners
Point Pleasant EMS1 Listeners
Seaside Heights Fire0 Listeners
Stafford EMS4 Listeners
Toms River EMSOffline
Toms River Fire Department
TRFD District 1 & 2. Ch 1 to 8. Ch's 1 & 6 are repeated you will hearing them, others are low power F/G, so you may not hear much. Island Heights FD is also dispatched by TRFD and operate on this system. Station 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 & 30 TRFD 53 IHFD
3 Listeners
Toms River Fire/EMS (Fire Ch 1 and EMS 1)2 Listeners