Calls Coverage

There is coverage available for this county on Broadcastify calls for the following services:

Live Audio Feed Status
Allentown Area NOAA Weather Radio WXL393 Listeners
Brighton Fire0 Listeners
Central New Jersey Freight Rail Lines
The feed is Primarily Middlesex County, However, you can hear train movements from the following counties on here: Somerset, Union, Essex, Monmouth, and Mercer counties. See feed info page for Rail Lines covered.
2 Listeners
East Windsor Rescue Squad0 Listeners
Emergency Response 1 and West Windsor Response and Operations0 Listeners
Hamilton Township Fire
Broadcasting: Mercer County South Response 1-3, Countywide 1-2 (new P25)
Hightstown Fire, East Windsor Police and Fire
Hightstown & East Windsor Local FD Response Channels, Firegrounds UHF Local talk around tach channels. Mercer County North and South Response Mercer County General Dispatch East Windsor PD dispatch Mercer County North and South Response Mercer
8 Listeners
Mercer County East Response 1 and 21 Listeners
Mercer County Fire - South Side
Mercer County InterOp PSRS. Includes Dispatch, SR, and Tack channels from the south side of Hamilton Twp. Feed is BCD996XT.
1 Listeners
Mercer County Fire Dispatch3 Listeners
Mercer County Fire/EMS Dispatch, Ewing Response and Fireground
Mercer County F1 Dispatch, North Response 1 and 2, Countywide 1 and 2, fireground TAC channels 1-4 and Interop channels 1-6. These are the primary channels for the Tri-Twp. organization (Ewing, Lawrence, Hopewell Boro and Twp., Pennington and Princeton).
4 Listeners
Mutual Aid Trunked0 Listeners
New Jersey State Police Troop B
Troop "B" has the responsibility of providing full time coverage to 29 municipalities, part time coverage to six municipalities, as well as patrolling Highways ; I-78, I-80, I-95, I-280 and I-287, and I-24 in Northern NJ. Now on NJICS!
12 Listeners
New Jersey State Police Troop C2 Listeners
New Jersey Statewide Medevac
Statewide Medevac Dispatch and Operations
2 Listeners
NJ Forest Fire Division AOffline
Robbinsville & Mercer County Fire and EMS
This feed includes: - Mercer County Fire/Ems Dispatch - 154.430Mhz. - The Mercer County Interoperable Public Safety Radio System: All North, South East & West Response channels, Countywide, Special Operations & Trenton patch
9 Listeners
Trenton Fire Department
Trenton FD Fire 1 - 6 Fire Special Ops
1 Listeners