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D-STAR Reflector 14
Serving Nevada and California.
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Elko City and County Public Safety
NV: Elko & Eureka Co SOs; ECSD & Carlin PDs; Western Shoshone DPS; (NSP/NHP NE part-time); Elko & Eureka Cos, Elko, Carlin, Wells EMS; Elko FD & VFD, Elko & Eureka Co FDs & VFDs, EIDC NDF/FDRL Fire (seasonal); NDOT-Elko Rd Ops (seasonal).
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Elko City Fire0 Listeners
Elko County FireOffline
Elko County Fire, NDF, BLM and Air Tanker Ops
Hear the spotter plane telling ground crews of hot spots; the lead plane telling the VLAT where to line up the aircraft to make the next drop; the numerous crews talking to other divisions on the fire lines. There will be weak signals; expect some static
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