D-STAR Reflector 14
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Serving Nevada and California.

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This feed is live audio of D-STAR Reflector 14 (REF014) modules A, B, C, and D.  K6BIV is the REF014 admin.

This feed originates from Cleveland, Ohio and sponsored by the Ham Nation D-STAR After Show Net which uses Reflector 14 C.  For information about Ham Nation, D-STAR, or how to connect to REF014, please visit the Ham Nation D-STAR net website.  We thank K6BIV for his support!

The Dongle may become disconnected from the remote reflector, it will be reconnected as soon as possible.

Equipment used

  • Internet Labs Digital Voice Dongle (DV DNGL)
  • Toshiba Satellite laptop
  • Windows 7
  • ScannerCast
  • Virtual Audio Cable for audio routing
  • Breezeline/Wide Open West

K8JTK and N8ETP (SK) provide and manage the feed.