Feed Status
Gaylord Area NOAA Weather Radio WWF700 Listeners
Gaylord Michigan Regional Airport Unicom (KGLR)
Also includes Minneapolis center, Pellston, and Traverse City inbound traffic. Receiver location and antenna at a higher elevation have increased the amount of traffic heard!
0 Listeners
Great Lakes Energy Dispatch - Boyne City and Waters0 Listeners
Northern Lower Peninsula DNR Fire0 Listeners
Otsego County EMS1 Listeners
Otsego County Fire Dispatch - Analog1 Listeners
Otsego County Fire, EMS and DNR - Digital
800mhz DNR, EMS, and all Otsego County fire departments are on the 800 system. Due to the amount of DNR Fire traffic in this feed, DNR fire will be moving to it's own broadcastify feed sometime today.. 2 task forces and other equipment dispatched.
9 Listeners
Otsego County Road Commission
This feed is for the Otsego County Road Commission plow trucks and road crews. Frequency 159.12 Motorola TRBO
0 Listeners
Otsego County Sheriff, Gaylord Police, MSP District 7
800 Mhz Otsego County Sheriff, Gaylord City PD, MSP 7th District, DNR Law. All Fire and EMS traffic moved to Otsego county Fire-EMS and DNR 800 Digital feed
34 Listeners
W8CMN Mi5-STATEW1 DMR Repeater System
Mi5-STATEW1 Talkgroup on the W8CMN Mi5 DMR IPSC Repeater System from the Fenton Tower
2 Listeners
W8CMN Mi5-STATEW2 EVENT 2/4 DMR Repeater System
Mi5-STATEW2, Mi5-EVENT2 and Mi5-EVENT4 Talkgroups on the W8CMN Mi5 DMR IPSC Repeater System from the Fenton Tower -
1 Listeners