Feed Status
Franklin-Bingham Fire Dispatch1 Listeners
Groveland Fire and Holly Village Fire Dispatch
Groveland Fire - Holly Village Fire 153.8000
Independence Township Fire0 Listeners
Novi Fire Dispatch
New Upgrades: Crystal clear line with a Uniden SDS100. Walled Lake and Commerce also included.
2 Listeners
Oakland County Fire Dispatch - All County (P25)
Fire Dispatch for Oakland County P25 Phase II System is currently being launched. Ferndale (63FEFD1); Hazel Park (63HPFD1); Madison Heights (63MHFD1); Royal Oak (63ROFD1); Southfield (63SOFD1) active. Additional departments will be added when tested.
3 Listeners
Orion & Oxford Township Fire Dispatch
Orion Township Fire Department, Oxford Township Fire Department, Independence Township Fire Department, Oakland Township Fire Department, and Addison Township Fire Department.
South Lyon Fire Department Dispatch
Fire and EMS Dispatch for South Lyon and Lyon Township --- Feed Provided By JMF
0 Listeners
Troy Fire Dispatch4 Listeners
W8CMN Mi5-STATEW1 DMR Repeater System
Mi5-STATEW1 Talkgroup on the W8CMN Mi5 DMR IPSC Repeater System from the Fenton Tower
2 Listeners
W8CMN Mi5-STATEW2 EVENT 2/4 DMR Repeater System
Mi5-STATEW2, Mi5-EVENT2 and Mi5-EVENT4 Talkgroups on the W8CMN Mi5 DMR IPSC Repeater System from the Fenton Tower -
1 Listeners
W8FSM 224.6200 MHz Holly Repeater0 Listeners
W8FSM 442.3500 MHz Repeater
MICON-DTX NWS Hub Repeater.
0 Listeners
Walled Lake and Commerce Township Fire Dispatch
Walled Lake and Commerce Township FD - 155.8050 Mhz 10-17-2021: New antenna installed.
0 Listeners