Feed Status
Bellingham Police, Fire and EMS Dispatch
Includes Bellingham Police, Fire, and EMS Dispatch
16 Listeners
Braintree Fire2 Listeners
Dover Fire and Police0 Listeners
Dover, Medfield and Millis Fire
Dover Fire, Medfield Fire, Millis Fire, and Norfolk County Channel 1.
0 Listeners
Foxboro Police Dispatch1 Listeners
Franklin Fire1 Listeners
Franklin Police and Fire
11 Listeners
MA State Police - Metro Boston Area
Scanning Dispatch Talkgroups for Troops A and H, and Statewide. Geographically covering from the 495 belt area, into the heart of Boston. No local PD or Fire. May hold on a channel for an event.
28 Listeners
Medfield Fire2 Listeners
Medfield Police and Fire1 Listeners
Medway Fire 1 Listeners
Medway Police and Fire
Norfolk County, MA. Medway police and fire. The digital 'noise' you hear more and more is the encrypted communications that the "secret police" of Medway don't want you to listen to.
4 Listeners
Millis Fire0 Listeners
Millis Police and Fire Dispatch7 Listeners
Needham and Brookline Police / Fire1 Listeners
Needham Fire1 Listeners
Norfolk County Fire Control
Official Feed of Norfolk County Fire Control. For more information visit us at Feed is hosted by the Holbrook Regional Emergency Communications Center
8 Listeners
Norfolk Fire0 Listeners
Plainville Fire 15 Listeners
Quincy Police & Fire Dispatch54 Listeners
Sharon and Foxboro Police/Fire, State Police Dispatch Troop H313 Listeners
Sharon Fire Dispatch1 Listeners
Sharon Police Dispatch3 Listeners
Stoughton Area Fire Agencies
Includes Norfolk County, Stoughton, Canton, Easton, Avon, Sharon, Randolph Fire departments.
6 Listeners
TAC9 Public Safety Notification System
The TAC9 Radio System is a public safety notification network operating in the New England and New York area, with nationwide expansion in future plans. The system is a closed Zello channel.
3 Listeners
Walpole Fire5 Listeners
Walpole Police and Fire Dispatch4 Listeners
Wellesley Police and Fire, AreaWide3, Metro Fire
Includes Boston Buff Channels. Wellesley PD use the 1400 series of numbers (1401-1430). Wellesley FD uses Car 3, Eng 1, Eng 2, Quint 3, Ladder 2 and tests at 0800+1800 daily. Dover Fire uses the 70 series (Eng 71-74, Ladder 75+Amb 76) and tests at 1745 d
Westwood Fire0 Listeners
Weymouth Police and Fire Dispatch23 Listeners
Wrentham Fire4 Listeners
Wrentham Police Dispatch7 Listeners