Wellesley Police and Fire, AreaWide3, Metro Fire
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Includes Boston Buff Channels. Wellesley PD use the 1400 series of numbers (1401-1430). Wellesley FD uses Car 3, Eng 1, Eng 2, Quint 3, Ladder 2 and tests at 0800+1800 daily. Dover Fire uses the 70 series (Eng 71-74, Ladder 75+Amb 76) and tests at 1745 d

Wellesley Police, Wellesley Fire, Dover Fire, AREAWIDE 3, Boston Citywide (Fire Buff Channel), Metro Fire.  All have fairly strong signals except for Metro Fire.  Wellesley Fire tests at 0800 and 1800 hours, Metro Fire tests at 1000 hours. Dover Fire is a call department that tests at 1745 hours (Police Dispatched) and uses the 70 ID numbers.