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CSXT New England Operations District 3 Rail Dispatcher0 Listeners
Franklin County Fire and EMS Dispatch 1
This feed broadcasts Talkgroup 3697 from the Comm. of Mass Interoperable Radio System (COMIRS). This is the channel used for Fire/EMS dispatching for nearly all agencies in Franklin County from the dispatch center (Shelburne Control) in Shelburne Falls,
6 Listeners
Franklin County Police, Fire and EMS Dispatch
Police & Fire/EMS dispatch for most of Franklin County including Turners Falls FD & Montague PD. Includes FC Ops 3-7 when in use for incidents.
13 Listeners
Greenfield Fire
Greenfield, Massachusetts fire dispatch/primary frequency. 453.075
1 Listeners
Greenfield Police & Fire Dispatch
Dispatch for the Greenfield, MA police & fire departments provided by monitoring talkgroups 2577 and 2579 on the CoMIRS P25 trunked radio system.
3 Listeners
Hartford Area NOAA Weather Radio WXJ41
NOAA Weather Radio For the Greater Hartford / Tolland Counties Broadcast from Soapstone MT. in Somers, CT
2 Listeners
MA State Police - Metro Boston Area
Scanning Dispatch Talkgroups for Troops A and H, and Statewide. Geographically covering from the 495 belt area, into the heart of Boston. No local PD or Fire. May hold on a channel for an event.
30 Listeners
Massachusetts State Police Dispatch - Troop B
Massachusetts State Police Troop B patrol dispatch. Troop B covers the western Massachusetts area including Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden, and Berkshire counties.
12 Listeners
Orange Fire Dispatch
Orange Fire Dept dispatch and operations on the New Salem Tower channel. Operating Frequency of 453.2875. For long term incidents operations go to a tac channel, not monitored by an online feed.
1 Listeners
PanAm Railways (PAR) District 3 Dispatcher
NOTE! THIS FEED WILL BE MOVED TO A NEW FEED TITLED CSX NEW ENGLAND ON AUG. 8. There seems to be no other way to change the title.
Pioneer Valley Fire DepartmentsOffline
TAC9 Public Safety Notification System
The TAC9 Radio System is a public safety notification network operating in the New England and New York area, with nationwide expansion in future plans. The system is a closed Zello channel.
2 Listeners