Feed Status
Air Attack (A/G) Fresno CalFire - Sierra Forest Net3 Listeners
CalFire FKU, Fresno County Fire, Sierra National Forest, Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Park
This Feed is Provided by Remotely Located Critical Infrastructure.
2 Listeners
California Highway Patrol - Fresno0 Listeners
Calnet Repeater System
The Calnet Repeater Group is a multi linked amateur radio Repeater System covering most of California and parts of Nevada. The system consists of numerous fulltime RF linked 440 MHz repeaters connecting San Diego to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe.
0 Listeners
Central Sierra Fire Tactical Feed
Stereo Feed Air operations on the Right channel Ground operations on the Left channel Currently scanning USFS for Deadwood & Pine Fires — Special Feed for active fires Scan list will be changed depending incident. Currently scanning U
0 Listeners
Clovis Police & Fire
PD dispatch (primary), 460.1750 MHz; Public Works, 453.6625 MHz; and FD dispatch (primary), 154.2350 MHz; FD 2, 156.0000 MHz; FD 3, 155.3175 MHz; FD Tac, 154.0700 MHz
8 Listeners
Eastern Fresno County Fire Dispatch (includes Selma, Sanger, Kingsburg and Reedley)
Includes Selma FD on 154.415, Sanger FD on 155.0325, Kingsburg FD on 154.175, Reedley FD on 154.145 and EMS/Fire (EMS16, Dispatch Rural East) on 463.625.
3 Listeners
FKU MMU SNF Fire1 Listeners
Fresno City Fire
Monitoring: Metro (Primary Dispatch): 153.62000, Fire 1 (Fireground): 154.37000 , Fire 2 (Fireground): 159.79500, Fire 3 (Fireground): 153.84500
2 Listeners
Fresno City Police, Fire and EMS279 Listeners
Fresno County Sheriff - Sanger/Parlier/Fowler/Orange Cove/Kingsburg
Fresno County Sherriff's Dispatch feed SO6 on 153.665 (includes Kingsburg, Sanger, Parlier, Fowler, Kerman & Orange Cove) and Dispatch feed S03 (Area 3 Blue Southeast) on 155.655.
30 Listeners
Fresno County Sheriff 2: Dispatch Areas 2 (Yellow, Metro) & 4 (Green, East)
Area 2 includes Fresno, Clovis, (county islands) and surrounding areas outside city limits.   Area 4 covers northeasterly Fresno County, from Millerton Lake to Yokuts Valley, all the way to the northeasterly county line.
0 Listeners
Parlier Police
Monitoring 460.2625 MHz, Parlier PD Dispatch
0 Listeners
Reedley Police Dispatch
City of Reedley Police Dispatch on Chan 1 155.790 and Chan 2 155.6325.
15 Listeners
Selma Police Dispatch
Selma Public Safety (Police Dispatch) on 155.130Mhz.
10 Listeners