Feed Status
David Crockett Fire1 Listeners
Jefferson Parish Fire
LWIN talkgroups for the 20 Jefferson Parish Fire Departments, as well as their respective 800 MHz conventional channels.
2 Listeners
KB5AVY Linked Repeater System
Several amateur repeaters linked together covering Metro New Orleans and Jefferson Parish. The machine it's also connected to the EchoLink, Remote Hams, DMR and to New Orleans WebSDR. Listen to Hams from all over the world.
1 Listeners
Kenner Fire
Kenner, Louisiana Fire Department Channels with Mutual Aid to New Orleans Int'l Airport (KMSY)
2 Listeners
Louisiana State Police - Troops B, C, L
Louisiana State Police Dispatch, Talk, Coordinate, and Interop talkgroups on LWIN, from all Troops; however, the normal coverage of this feed will usually only be from Troops B, C, and L.
16 Listeners
Metro New Orleans Area Fire Departments4 Listeners
New Orleans Area Railroads
Monitoring AAR Channels for NS, CN, NOPB, KCS, UP, BNSF and CSX in the New Orleans Metro Area.
0 Listeners
New Orleans Fire
City of New Orleans Fire Dept: Dispatch & Fireground radio traffic.
9 Listeners
New Orleans Int'l Airport (KMSY)0 Listeners
New Orleans Police
Feed is primarily encrypted due to new policy be Orleans Parish Communications District. I encourage you to voice your opinion on transparency to city officials and your council person, not in RR Forums. NOPD Dispatch and Regional Interoperability TGs.
6 Listeners
New Orleans VTS Lower Mississippi Traffic1 Listeners