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East Coast Reflector - 444.800 MHz Orlando, Florida
Receiving the Orange County N4BUT on Private Radio in Orlando, Florida on 444.800Mhz. TheEast Coast Reflector Amateur Radio Network is a network of linked nodes and repeaters. This network uses dedicated bandwidth that is used by the
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KB4UT 146.760 MHz Orlando OARC0 Listeners
NW4GT Allstar and Echolink Repeater
Audio from the 443.650 NW4GT internet linked repeater at Universal Studios
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Orange County and Orlando Fire
OCFR & City of Orlando Fire on the Orange County P25 System
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Orange County Fire Major Incidents
OCFR, OFD,WPFD and GOAA on the Orange County Public Services(FL) On the Orange County Project 25 System. **Major Incidents requiring 4 or more units** OFD 3&4. OCFR Tac 4,6,8,9 WPFD Tac 3, GOAA TAC 3 & Tac 4.
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Orlando City Fire Tac1 and Tac317 Listeners
Seminole County Fire
Live audio feed of the Seminole County Department of Public Safety - Fire Division. Talkgroups broadcast include (and within RR TOS) 9A (Dispatch), 9D (Fire TAC), 9E (Fire Command 1), 9F (Fire Command 2), 9G (Fire Command 3), 9H (OSIA ARFF TAC/Command)
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W4MCO Orange County ARES (OCARES)
Orange County Florida ARES Frequency 443.050
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