Live Audio Feed Status
Air Evac Life-Team Helicopter
This is Air Methods KY, Air Evac Life-Team Helicopter (Or old Life-Stat) Louisville Area
1 Listeners
Bullitt County Fire1 Listeners
Bullitt County Public Safety 16 Listeners
Clark County and Jeffersonville Police20 Listeners
CSX LCL Subdivision Road
This feed provides monitoring of the CSX Transportation, Inc. railroad AAR ch. 84 (161.37) and ch. 80 (161.31) as heard in the Oldham County, KY vicinity.
5 Listeners
CSX Louisville1 Listeners
Floyd County Fire (SAFE-T)
Listening to the rural departments on the Indiana Safe-T system. Dispatch, Ops 1, Ops 2, Ops 3, Ops 4. ALPHA IDs are on hold Fire Departments received new Motorola radios. Alpha IDs will be long delayed. They will show numerical IDs.
Floyd County Fire Dispatch
County dispatches only. All County (rural) operations have moved to Indiana SAFE-T 800mhz system (soon to P25). This doesn't include New Albany FD.
Hardin County Fire and EMS5 Listeners
Hardin County Sheriff, Radcliff Police, Vine Grove Police & KSP-4
FB group at : Hardin County Kentucky Real Time Police Feeds
14 Listeners
Jefferson County Sheriff0 Listeners
Jeffersonville Fire Ops
10 FIRE 1
KE5LEL ClearNode Repeater0 Listeners
Kentucky State Police Post 4
Kentucky State Police Post 4 covers the following counties: Breckinridge, Bullitt, Grayson, Hardin, Jefferson, Larue, Meade, and Nelson Counties.
3 Listeners
Kentucky State Police Posts 7 and 12, Regions 3 and 5
Post 7 Clark, Richmond, and Fayette towers B frequency only Post 12 Fayette and Franklin towers, B Frequency This is a simulcast system and receives all traffic for Post 7 & 12.
4 Listeners
Louisville Airport Fire Rescue Dispatch0 Listeners
Louisville Fire (Fire 1-4, LFR Alert)7 Listeners
Louisville International Airport (KSDF)
Louisville International Airport (KSDF) Approach & Departure. Also UPS. Remember, This aircraft AM Frequency is better at night then the day.
2 Listeners
Louisville Metro EventsOffline
Louisville Metro Police 1 – Divisions 6 and 730 Listeners
Louisville Metro Police 2 – Divisions 3 and 837 Listeners
Louisville Metro Police 3 – Divisions 1 and 2103 Listeners
Louisville Metro Police 4 – Divisions 4 and 518 Listeners
Louisville MetroSafe Suburban Fire 5 - 8, Okolona Tac 809 Listeners
New Albany Area NOAA Weather Radio KIH433 Listeners
New Albany Police and Fire17 Listeners
New Chapel Fire0 Listeners
Oldham County Fire and EMS Dispatch5 Listeners
Oldham County Police 1 Dispatch0 Listeners
Shelby County and Surrounding Counties Public Safety1 Listeners
Shelby County Public Safety Dispatch
All Fire Departments in Shelby County and Shelby County EMS Dispatch
4 Listeners
Taylorsville-Spencer County Fire Protection District0 Listeners
Utica Fire1 Listeners