SEPTA Surface Operations
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SEPTA Surface Operations to monitor Public transportation (Buses and Trolleys) in and around Philadelphia

Does not include CCT Talkgroups.

Does include CTD and STD talkgroups

  1. Suburban Transit Division Buses: This division includes several dedicated channels for the Suburban Rail, Victory and Suburban Facilities, Suburban Supervisors, and a Special Unit.

  2. City Transit Division - Light Rail: The Light Rail division manages communications for the Elmwood District and operates a Special Unit. They also oversee general Light Rail communications.

  3. City Transit Division - Buses: This division manages bus communications across various regions including City Buses, Callowhill District, Allegheny District, Southern District, Frankford District, Comly District, Midvale District, and another Special Unit.

  4. Radio Shop: The Radio Shop has a dedicated channel for administrative purposes.

  5. Orbital Controllers: Oxford 1 and Oxford 2, the orbital controllers, each have their own channels.

  6. Citywide Channels: There are two channels dedicated to citywide communication - Citywide 1 and Citywide 2.

  7. Suburban and City Bus Channels: There are specific channels allocated for Suburban S1, Suburban S2, City Bus S1, and City Bus S2.

  8. Light Rail Vehicle Channels: Finally, there are channels dedicated to the Light Rail Vehicle units S1 and S2.

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