Bastrop County Law Enforcement / Fire / EMS
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BCSO/PD/FD/EMS for County Areas and the cities of Bastrop, Elgin and Smithville

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Preface:  This feed is provided by a private volunteer and is not affiliated with any Bastrop County government agency.  It is provided to help inform the citizens of Bastrop County about public safety events in their community.  Please listen responsibly.  Do not interfere with first responders working an active scene.  Do not spread details related to personal information or fatalities heard on the scanner feed to social media.  Law enforcement tactical and secondary channels are not scanned (unless normal dispatch traffic is moved to such channels).  If needed, channels will be blacked out for officer safety.

Scanner:  Uniden SDS200 (alpha tags enabled)

Feed Focus:  This scanner feed focuses on Bastrop County Texas Law Enforcement (Police / Sheriff / Troopers), Fire and EMS; monitoring specific talk groups within the Greater Austin/Travis Regional Radio System (GATRRS) on Bastrop Simulcast frequencies.   This includes agencies from the County, as well as the Cities of Bastrop, Elgin and Smithville.  County areas include the communities of: McDade, Paige, Camp Swift, Littig, Sayersville, Utley, Circle D-KC Estates, Alum Creek, Upton, Clearview, Cedar Creek, St.Mary's Colony, Wyldwood, Bateman, Pettytown, Jordan, Red Rock , Rockne, Watterson, Rosanky, Jeddo, Togo, Kovar and Colorado.


  • North Bastrop County Fire Rescue serving Elgin and McDade is dispatched as "NBC" on the county fire dispatch channel (FIRECOM 1).  Station 1 is in Elgin, Station 6 in McDade.
  • Heart of Pines VFD is dispatched as "HOP" on the county fire dispatch channel (FIRECOM 1).
  • Bastrop County Fire Station District Map (PDF):
  • TX DPS Troopers and Game Wardens / State Park Police (Parks & Wildlife) show up on the County Sheriff primary channel.  Troopers identify as 6B70x units; Game Wardens / Park Police identify as 47xx-49xx units.
  • References to "JP" are for the Justice of the Peace, which serves as the Coroner in Bastrop County.
  • When we hold on a specific talk group (such as for a fire or a car chase), we usually have a secondary scanner (Uniden SDS-100 handheld) monitoring all the other channels in the background for other incidents.
  • If local weather necessitates, we can manually switch in the NOAA Weather Service broadcast on 162.400Mhz to hear weather alerts for Bastrop County. (This should not satisfy or fulfill your need to have an active NOAA Weather Alert Radio in your home.)
  • We recommend using any one of the numerous scanner apps that show alpha tags allowing you to see which agency is currently transmitting. 
  • Questions / Comments can be sent to: BastropCountyScanner at
Unit IDs
Unit ID Description
x1xx Bastrop Police (see below)
2xx Bastrop ISD Police
3xx Smithville Police
5xx Elgin Police
7xx Austin based Acadian ambulance units
92x Acadian EMS Units (five units in county)
14xx -19xx Bastrop County Sheriff (see below)
21xx First Responders (Medical Volunteers)
22xx ESD 2 Firefighters (individuals)
4xxx ESD 1 Firefighters (individuals)
47xx - 49xx Game Wardens / State Park Police
6B70x TX DPS Troopers
7xxx Smithville Firefighters (individuals)
88xx Heart of Pines "HOP" Firefighters (individuals)
9xxx NBCFR Firefighters (individuals)
ACxx County Animal Control
Air-1 Austin PD Helocopter
DPS100 TX DPS Helocopter
Spectre-219 TX DPS Fixed Wing Aircraft
MED-14 PHI Air Ambulance (helicopter)
Bastrop Police ID Breakdown
Unit ID Description
A1xx Chief / Asst. Chief / Lieutenant (Adam 1xx)
C1xx Sergeant (Charlie 1xx)
E1xx Detective (Edward 1xx)
H1xx Officer (Henry 1xx)
K1xx K9 (King 1xx)
L1xx Animal Control (Lincoln 1xx)
Bastrop County Sheriff ID Breakdown
Unit ID Description
14xx Command Staff
15xx Criminal Investigative Division (CID)
16xx Patrol Deputies
17xx Administration
18xx Special Units
19xx Transport Units (Jail)
Monitored GATRRS Talk Groups
ID Channel   ID Channel
5603 County Sheriff Primary   5664 Heart of Pines Fire
5607 County Animal Control   5665 McDade Fire
5608 TXDPS Troopers (Bastrop)   5666 Paige Fire
5653 Firecom 1 (Dispatch)   5668 MEDCOM 1 (Dispatch)
5654 Firecom 2   5669 MEDCOM 2
5656 Firecom 3   5670 MEDCOM 3
5652 Fire Tac 601   5671 First Responders
5651 Fire Tac 602   5674 Air EMS
5650 Fire Tac 603   5675 MED 8
5649 Fire Tac 604   5676 MED 9
5648 Fire Tac 605   5677 MED 10
5647 Fire Tac 606   5678 MED 11
5646 Fire Tac 607   5679 MED 12
5645 Fire Tac 608   5680 MED 13
5644 Fire Tac 609   5681 MED 14
5643 Fire Tac 610   5609 Bastrop Police Primary
5642 Fire Tac 611   5655 Bastrop Fire Dispatch
5641 Fire Tac 612   5330 Bastrop Fire Fire-Tac
5640 Fire Tac 613   5802 Bastrop ISD Police
5639 Fire Tac 614   5612 Elgin Police Primary
5638 Fire Tac 615   5657 Elgin Fire Dispatch
5661 ESD 1A   5616 Smithville Police Primary
5662 ESD 1B   5659 Smithville Fire Dispatch
5663 ESD 1C      
In addition to the above normally monitored GATRRS talk groups, the following optional GATRRS talk groups / agencies may be engaged / focused as needed, such as in the event of a wildfire within the county.  These will normally not be scanned.
Optional GATRRS Talk Groups (as required)
Talk Groups Function
3396 - 3404 Interop Regional
3416 - 3424, 3550 - 3555 Interop Regional Law Enforcement
1586 - 1599, 3421 Interop Regional Public Safety
50499 - 50508 TIRIS - Texas Interoperable Radio Interconnect System
Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS Zone 5)
Frequency (MHz) Channel
159.285 TFS Statewide Compact - Travel
TFS Air to Ground Primary
TFS Air to Ground Secondary
TFS Fireline Tactical A
TFS Fireline Tactical B
TFS Fireline Tactical C
TFS Bastrop Repeater
122.925 TFS Air-to-Air Primary
135.675 TFS Air-to-Air Secondary Zone 5