Chittenden County Fire and EMS
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Fire departments and rescue squads in Chittenden County, Vermont. Covers Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski, Williston, Colchester, Essex, Essex Junction, Milton, Hinesburg, Richmond, Shelburne, Charlotte, Jericho, and every other town in the county.

➡️ Frequency list, listener tips, tech details at

⚠️ Feel free to listen in, but please only use this audio feed in ways that are respectful to our local first responders and the people they're responding to.

Misuse of this feed to invade people's privacy (such as posting about people's medical issues on social media), harass anyone, or interfere with first responders could lead toward this feed shutting down and/or local agencies switching to encrypted radio communications, so let's please all do our part to keep it available.

This online feed is provided for informational and entertainment purposes but it should never be relied on for actual emergency alerting or response. It is run as a hobby project, not a 100%-reliable emergency service.

☑️ Agencies included

  • Bolton Volunteer Fire Department
  • Burlington Fire Department (includes EMS ambulances)
  • Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue
  • Colchester Fire Department (and EMS first response)
  • Colchester Rescue
  • Essex (Town) Fire Department and First Response
  • Essex Junction Fire Department and First Response
  • Essex Rescue
  • Hinesburg Fire Department and First Response
  • [sort of...] Huntington Fire Department and First Response [the initial dispatch is not currently audible, but some subsequent radio communications can be heard.]
  • Milton Fire Department
  • Milton Rescue
  • Richmond Fire Department
  • Richmond Rescue
  • Shelburne Fire Department
  • Shelburne Rescue
  • South Burlington Fire and Rescue [P25 digital, which analog scanners can't decode]
  • Saint Michael's College Fire and Rescue
  • [St. George is covered by neighboring towns' agencies]
  • Underhill Jericho Fire Department and First Response
  • UVM Rescue
  • Vermont Air National Guard Fire/Crash Rescue channel at BTV Airport
  • Westford Fire Department
  • Williston Fire and Rescue
  • Winooski Fire Department

Dispatch frequencies and most primary operations channels for the agencies above are audible. Frequencies generally not included on this feed include fireground channels (not amplified through a repeater = hard to receive) and ambulance-to-hospital channels (broadcasting them online is against Broadcastify's rules).

Agencies in other nearby counties are generally not included; if you're interested in listening to other counties you can check out that county's page on or on your favorite scanner app to see what's available.

➡️ Frequency list, listener tips, tech details at