Greater Benson Area CSX Railroad
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Audio covering the CSX railroad in the greater Benson, NC area.


Audio covering the CSX railroad in the greater Benson, NC area. This feed uses a Kenwood TM281A attached to a TrainTenna Vertical Outdoor Base Antenna mounted on a chimney.

Frequency AAR Channel Description
160.590 32 A-Line Road
161.370 84 FA Dispatch
161.520 94 FB Dispatch
160.800 46 W&W FB Dispatch
160.845 49 RJ Corman R&F



Trains can be heard calling the following signals, depending on weather, locomotive radio power, etc.

Signal/DD Milepost Reception Notes
Firestone A132.2 Rarely  
Wilson A136.9 Rarely CLNA Xing/Xover
Contentnea A139.0 Rarely Xover/W&W Jct.
Nursery A139.2 Rarely NB Only
South Contentnea A141.0 Rarely SE Double Track
North Lucama A143.0 Rarely  
South Lucama A144.8 Rarely  
Lucama DD A145.6 Rarely Defect Detector
Aycock A146.8 Sometimes NE Double Track
Kirby Hill A148.8 Sometimes  
Kenly A151.0 Sometimes SE Double Track
Little River A153.4 Sometimes  
North Micro A155.8 Sometimes  
South Micro A157.9 Sometimes NE Double Track
North Selma A160.0 Sometimes Crossover
Selma A160.9 Usually Xing with NS
Sylvania/Brooks A162.8 Usually  
North Smithfield A164.4 Usually SE Double Track
Smithfield DD A165.9 Usually Defect Detector
Bright Leaf & Burley A166.4 Usually  
Holts Lake A168.2 Usually  
North Four Oaks A170.2 Usually  
Four Oaks A172.0 Usually NE Double Track
South Four Oaks A174.2 Usually  
Alaska A176.3 Usually SE Double Track
North Benson A178.4 Usually  
Benson DD A179.6 Usually Defect Detector
Chicopee A181.2 Usually  
School House Crossing A183.4 Usually  
North Dunn A185.2 Usually NE Double Track
Downtown Dunn A186.8 Usually  
South Dunn A188.2 Sometimes Crossover
Kay A190.4 Sometimes SE Double Track
North Godwin A192.4 Sometimes  
South Godwin A194.6 Sometimes NE Siding
North Wade A197.1 Sometimes SE Siding
Wade A199.0 Rarely  
Wade DD A200.5 Rarely Defect Detector
Beard A202.6 Rarely  
South Beard A204.1 Rarely  
North Milan A207.6 Rarely NE Double Track


Scheduled Trains Heard on Feed (Updated June 2024)

Train ID Description Origin Destination
P090 Amtrak Palmetto Savannah, GA New York, NY
P089 Amtrak Palmetto New York, NY Savannah, GA
P098 Amtrak Silver Meteor Miami, FL New York, NY
P097 Amtrak Silver Meteor New York, NY Miami, FL
P052 Amtrak Auto Train Sanford, FL Lorton, VA
P053 Amtrak Auto Train Lorton, VA Sanford, FL
P080* Amtrak Carolinian Charlotte, NC New York, NY
P079* Amtrak Carolinian New York, NY Charlotte, NC
P092* Amtrak Silver Star Miami, FL New York, NY
P091* Amtrak Silver Star New York, NY Miami, FL
I032 Intermodal/Tropicana Jacksonville, FL North Bergen, NJ
I031 Intermodal/Tropicana North Bergen, NJ Jacksonville, FL
M400 Mixed Freight Waycross, GA Rocky Mount, NC
M401 Mixed Freight Rocky Mount, NC Waycross, GA
M410 Mixed Freight Waycross, GA Selkirk, NY
M409 Mixed Freight Selkirk, NY Waycross, GA
M583 Abolished June 2024 Nashville, TN Rocky Mount, NC
M582 Abolished June 2024 Rocky Mount, NC Nashville, TN
M653 Mixed Freight Russel, KY Rocky Mount, NC
M652 Mixed Freight Rocky Mount, NC Russel, KY
L607 Local Wilmington, NC Rocky Mount, NC
L225 Local Rocky Mount, NC Wilmington, NC
L228 Local Fayetteville, NC Selma, NC (Turn)
CXXX Loaded Coal Varies Varies
EXXX Empty Coal Varies Varies
GXXX Grain Varies Varies
BXXX Other Unit Trains Varies Varies
WXXX Work Trains Varies Varies

*Heard north of Selma, NC only

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There are two railcam locations near this feed.

A railcam located in Dunn, NC (about 6 miles south of Benson) can be found by searching "Dunn Train Camera" on Youtube.

Two railcams located in Selma, NC (about 20 miles north of Benson) can be accessed by going to One camera facing north is free to watch, and another facing south with a view of the NS NC-Line can be accessed by purchasing an engineer membership with Railstream.

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