Oregon State Police and Oregon State Agencies
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Feed currently consists of OSP and ODOT, but may change to include other city/state agencies during relevant incidents. If you find that you would prefer to hear only OSP or only ODOT during standard feed times, message me and I'll consider a consensus.

This feed is monitoring the Oregon State Radio Project P25 system:  Feed will consist primarily of OSP and ODOT and may include other Portland city/Oregon state agencies when relevant (such as periods of severe weather events/other applicable critical incidents).

Feed provided from SE Portland, using RTL-SDR and DSD+ Fastlane


As currently configured, talkgroup priority is as follows:

(in the event of two or more simultaneous transmissions, talkgroups higher on the list will interrupt any talkgroups that are lower on the list)

[38111] OSP Portland 1
[38112] OSP Portland 2
[38117] OSP Salem
[38118] OSP Salem 2
[38120] OSP Capitol Mall
[38XXX] All other OSP talkgroups
[40126] ODOT Incident Response
[40122/40123] ODOT D2B Dispatch (East/West Portland)
[40121] ODOT D2B Events
[40XXX] All other ODOT Dispatch talkgroups
[40XXX] All ODOT D2B Ops talkgroups
[40XXX] All other ODOT Ops/Events talkgroups

OSRP Database Entry:  https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=8010

OSP Wiki: Unit Numbers/12-Codes: https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/State_Police_(OR)