Toronto Transit Control
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Toronto Transit Control Channels: Surface Ch.1 - General Dispatch | Subway Stations Desk | Events Ch 1-8 | BD Line 2 Broadcast | SRT Line 3 Broadcast | Streetcar Control |

  • Surface Channel 1 - Transit Control, which is a general dispatch to field personnel & supervisors including transit enforcement.
  • Subway Stations Desk - Used by station collectors & supervisors (Callsign 146) along the Subway lines & Scarborough RT.
  • Events Channel 1-3 - Channel 1 typically used during Subway emergencies like emergency alerm, fire or Prority 1 Injury at track level. Usually the comms are with the subway superintendent or assistant (Callsigns 135/135A).  Channels 2-3 are Primarily used in Subway Shuttles, coordinated by the Shuttle Desk & surface route supervisors (Callsign 122).
  • Bloor Danforth Subway Line Broadcast & Point to Point (East End)
  • Scarborough RT Line Broadcast
  • Streetcar Control
  • Now featuring Alpha tags to show which channel is broadcasting on supported apps.

Note: Due to the way this system works, not all transmissions are simulcast in all parts of the city, sometimes the Events channels 1-3 will not be heard on this stream, depending where in the city the emergency takes place. This feed is located in Scarborough picking up signal from the Birchmount tower.

Also, the TETRA system digital decoding can be glitchy at times, as well as broken up transmissions do come from the transmitting units themselves due to bad radio conditions in certain areas of the city or underground, as well as weather conditions such as rain or snow.