Kalamazoo County Fire and MSP District 5
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This feed has dual audio. Adjust your balance left for fire only, and right for law enforcement only.

Michigan Scanner Feed for Kalamazoo 

Dual audio (stereo) feed. Right side audio is Michigan State Police. Left side audio is Kalamazoo County fire departments. Tip: Adjust your balance on your connected audio player to the right if you wish to only listen to law enforcement, and adjust to the left if you want to hear only fire/ems.

This feed monitors the Kalamazoo County fire departments in the following townships:

Alamo, Ross/Augusta, Climax, Comstock, Cooper, Galesburg, Kalamazoo, Oshtemo, Parchment, Pavilion, Portage, Richland, and Texas. This also includes Kalamazoo County Wide Fire, and South Kalamazoo County Authority Dispatches, along with all perspective fire TAC channels for each department. This feed also monitors the Michigan State Police District 5 which covers Southwest Michigan.  

Fire departments (left channel) will be broadcast using a Uniden BCD396XT scanner, and law enforcement (right channel) will be broadcast using a Uniden BCD436HP scanner. Both are utilizing a Tram Model 1411 Discone Base Antenna approximately 35 feet off the ground. Because only one scanner can provide ID Tags to the feed, fire channels will be the only tags displayed.