Austin-Travis County Fire and EMS
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Fire and EMS Dispatch for Austin/Travis County operating on GATRRS. Stereo broadcast with fire automated dispatch (Locution) on left channel and fire/EMS primary/tactical on right channel. Alpha tags with talk group and UID alias.

Austin-Travis County Fire and EMS

General Feed Information

Fire and EMS Dispatch for City of Austin, Texas and surrounding Travis County operating on the Greater Austin/Travis Regional Radio System (GATRRS).  This feed is a stereo broadcast with fire automated dispatch (Locution) on the left channel and fire/EMS primary and tactical talk groups on the right channel.  This feed also includes alpha tags for talkgroup and UID alias.  Agencies include:

  • Austin Fire Department
  • Austin/Travis County EMS
  • North Lake Travis Fire & EMS (ESD 1)
  • Pflugerville Fire & EMS (ESD 2)
  • Oak Hill Fire Department (ESD 3)
  • Manchaca Fire Department (ESD 5)
  • Lake Travis Fire Rescue (ESD 6)
  • Pedernales Fire Department (ESD 8)
  • Westlake Fire Department (ESD 9)
  • CE Bar Fire Department (ESD 10)
  • Travis County Fire Rescue (ESD 11)
  • Manor Fire Department (ESD 12)
  • Volente Fire Department (ESD 14)


Active Fire Incident Page 

This page provides information on active Fire, Rescue, & Hazmat Fire incidents in Austin and Travis County. No medical calls will be displayed to comply with HIPAA laws.  Data is updated every 3 minutes.

Both Austin Fire Department and Austin/Travis County EMS maintain twitter feeds that give amplifying information on active incidents.  These feeds can be found here:

You can follow updates on this feed on twitter: @ATXScan


Feed Status & Talkgroups




Category ID Alpha Tag Talkgroup Description
Austin & Travis County Fire (Right Channel)
  1121 AT FCOM N Firecom North
  1123 AT FCOM S Firecom South
  1122 TC FCOM E Firecom East
  1142 TC FCOM W Firecom West
    FTAC 201-215 FireTac 201-215
    FTAC 301-315 FireTac 301-315
    FTAC 401-415 FireTac 401-415**
    ESD 1-14 ESD Talkgroups
    E1 R PS 01-15 GATRRS Regional Public Safety talkgroups
  1146 AT FD EMER FD Emergency
Austin-Travis County EMS (Right Channel)
  1291 AT EMS 8 ALERT EMS Station Alert
  1221 AT EMS CTL EMS Control
  1222 AT MCOM N MedCom North
  1223 AT MCOM C MedCom Central
  1224 AT MCOM S MedCom South
  1263 AT MCOM W MedCom West
    AT EMS EVT 1-4 EMS Special Event talkgroups
  1262 AT EMS EMER EMS Emergency
LOCUTION Dispatch (Left Channel)
  1147 AT LOCU Austin FD LOCUTION Dispatch
  1162 TC LOCU Travis County FD LOCUTION Dispatch

**FTAC 401-415 are normally used for training and as a result will usually be disabled.   These talk groups will be activated during significant events whereby their use is needed for tactical requirements.


Feed Listening Notes

  • FCOM N/S are the primary talkgroups for Austin Fire Department.  Companies operating north of the Colorado river will utilize FCOM N as their home channel. Companies operating south of the river will utilize FCOM S as their home channel.
  • FCOM E/W are the primary talkgroups for Travis County Fire Departments.  Companies operating east of the city will utilize Firecom East as their home channel. Companies operating west of the city will utilize Firecom West as their home channel.
  • During routine operations, FCOM N and FCOM S will be patched into each other, effectively creating a single city-wide talkgroup.  FCOM E and FCOM W will also be patched together creating a single county-wide talkgroup.  Units will still identify the indivisual talkgroup over the air; as a result, due to the patch, you may hear units on FCOM N but see alpha-tags stating they are on FCOM S (or vice-versa).
  • Tactical talkgroups (FTAC 201-415, found on radio Zones 2-4) will be assigned in sets of three (3) for incidents requiring tactical communications (Box Alarms, Vehicle Rescues etc.). The three talkgroups will be utilized as follows:  a primary tactical talkgroup, an alternate tactical talkgroup and an incident emergency radio talkgroup. This set of talkgroups will normally be assigned at initial dispatch, but may be requested by Companies on the scene of an incident if needed.  For example:
  1. FTAC 201  Primary Tactical Talkgroup
  2. FTAC 202  Alternate Tactical Talkgroup
  3. FTAC 203  Incident Emergency Talkgroup
  • Fire Dispatch will only announce the designated primary talkgroup (FTAC 201, FTAC 204, FTAC 207, etc...). If the Incident Commander needs more than the initial set of three channels, Command may request additional tactical sets dependent on the needs of the incident.
  • Fireground Rapid Intervention Teams (RITs) will always monitor the incident emergency talkgroup along with the primary tactical talkgroup.
  • Multiple alarm Companies responding to an incident or arriving at the Incident Base shall communicate on the alternate tactical talkgroup or as directed by Fire Dispatch.
  • Talkgroup set ARFF 301-303 is reserved for Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) aircraft fire-rescue (AFR) operations.
  • Talkgroup sets in Zone 4 (FTAC 401-415) are primarlily used for training but during significant events, these talkgroup sets will revert to tactical use.  These talkgroups will normally be disabled in the scanner feed unless they become active for tactical events.
  • ATCEMS MCOM tactical talkgroups are assigned in pairs (MCOM 01/MCOM 02, MCOM 03/MCOM 04, etc), with the even numbered MCOM talkgroup being the alternate for the assigned primary talkgroup.  Typical applicaiton for the alternate talkgroup are for helo (STARFlight) to ground communications or helo specific high-risk operations.
  • All GATRRS public safety radios are programmed to utilize cnannel position 16 on every zone as a direct (non-trunked/non-repeater) frequency.  Usually referred to as DIRECT 16, this channel may be utilized when the system is fully operational but radios at the incident on a regular channel are receiving a system unavailable signal. This can occur when attempting to transmit in an area that the radio signals cannot reach the repeater, such as when below ground or in some high-rise buildings.  DIRECT 16 is not included in the feed given that it is highly unlikely any transmission would be received.


UID (Alpha Tag) Abbreviations

ID Jurisdiction ID Resource ID Identifier
AT Austin CM Command (Chief) CAPT Captain
TC Travis County ESD 1 BAT Battalion Chief LT Lieutenant
PF Pflugerville ESD 2 ENG Engine SPC Specialst (Driver)
OH Oak Hill ESD 3 QNT Quint FF1 Firefigher 1
MA Manchaca ESD 5 LAD Ladder  FF2 Firefighter 2
LT Lake Travis ESD 6 RES Rescue (Fire Company) FF3 Firefighter 3 or Spare Portable
PD Pedernales ESD 8 SQ Squad DC EMS District Commander
WL Westlake ESD 9 BT Brush Truck DiV EMS Division Chief
CB Ce Bar ESD 10 SR Search/Rescue PORT Portable Radio
TC Travis County ESD 11 SAFE Safety Officer MD Medical Director
MN Manor ESD 12 INV Investigator CHP Community Health Paramedic
VL Volente ESD 14 COM Communications FS Fire Station
EL Elgin BDT APD Blood Draw Liaison MCOT Mobile Crisis Outreach Team
JT Jonestown ATU Alternative Transport Unit DM Demand Ambulance (EMS)
LV Lago Vista AFR Aircraft Fire/Rescue M Medic (Ambulance)
MR Mustang Ridge TEN Tender MR Medic Rescue (SpecOps)
RW Rollingwood SB Smoke Buster SEM Special Event Medic
SV Sunset Valley FTO Field Training Officer    
CP Cedar Park WF Wildfire    
LE Leander PRU Paramedic Response Unit    
JV Jollyville MP Mounted Patrol    
RR Round Rock HALO High Activity Loc. Obs.    
LW Lakeway        
BC Bee Cave        
HU Hutto        
WC Williamson County        


Working Incidents/Feed Alert/Status Updates

All talkgroups will remain in scan mode, even during regularly dispatched incidents. The only exception is when there is a major incident (e.g. multi-alarm fire), in which a status update will be posted and the talkgroup may be locked on for the duration of the incident.

Abbreviations will be used during status updates to provide as much information as possible with limited characters. The following list will be commonly used abbreviations in status updates:


AFD | 00-0503 | FTAC 201 | BOX-Structure Fire | 1Alarm | 3851 Manor Rd | ENG14 ENG05 ENG15 ENG18 QNT18 QNT03 RES14 BAT06 BAT01 | Caller reporting fire in kitchen


Hardware Information/Maintenance

Hosted near Lake Travis, This feed is broadcasted using an Uniden  BCD536HP on the left channel (Locution Dispatch) and an Uniden SDS200 on the right channel with UPS backup power.

On an occasional basis, routine maintenance will be conducted on the laptop by restarting it to ensure it runs effectively. Ideally, notification will be made via Twitter prior to restart and will be conducted during quiet hours. Maintenance should take no more than 30-60 minutes.


Questions or concerns?

Please private message me via the RadioReference forums for any general questions, concerns, or comments. If you submit a problem report, be sure to enable private messaging, or I will be unable to reply.