Illinois Valley Regional Police, Fire and EMS Dispatch
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Monitors IVRD dispatch for LaSalle, Peru, Oglesby, Utica Mendota, Earlville & Spring Valley. Fire, Ems & Police. Also includes Ifern, Ireach and Ispern. Call sign ValCom

IVRD Page 154.7625
Peru FD 154.4000
Peru Ems 154.0400
Peru Police 155.7900
LaSalle FD 151.3550
LaSalle Police 154.8150

Oglesby FD

Oglesby FD Repeater



Oglesby Police 155.7825
Utica FD 151.2050
Ispern 155.4750
Ifern 154.2650
Mabas Red 153.8300
IREACH 155.0550
Mendota Police 151.26500
Mendota FD 155.07000
Earlville Police 155.49000 
Earlville FD 151.33250 
Spring Valley Police 151.40000 
Spring Valley FD 156.10500 

* Call Sign ValCom


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